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Old 04-28-2013, 03:35 PM
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

Originally Posted by Jirachu View Post
It was always nice? Fasanating...

i know you time travelled here from 2004
you can't keep it a secret forever
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

Originally Posted by Mewtini View Post
-decide on going to duke university/college whatever

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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

I joined when I was 11. I wanna say it was in September 2007, but since the old forum's gone, I can't really say for sure. I'm gonna try to avoid mentioning every single fandom I've joined since then.

>joined TCoD
>became friends with Callum on TCoD (who is never on Facebook at the same time as me, that butt)
>joined the KH-Vids forum
>circle of internet friends begins
>started using MSN
>not so much became an atheist as realized religion was a thing
>nearly got an F in a class for the first time
>made a deviantArt account
>got my braces off
>circle of internet friends increases
>began taking Latin
>started reading Warriors
>pretended like I knew something about politics
>got my first laptop
>realized I was bisexual
>renewed interest in tokusatsu
>started watching Doctor Who
>watched Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
>got a dog
>attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time
>got into TV Tropes
>finished middle school (thankfully)
>became a Homestuck
>got my first cell phone
>joined marching band
>started high school
>fell in love with history
>went to homecoming (it was okay)
>saw Phantom of the Opera movie (started interest in musicals)
>started watching QI
>started actually training Pokemon other than my starter
>went to England for a week (and it was burning hot)
>got my learner's permit
>read a bit of Wandering Son
>made a Tumblr
>circle of internet friends increased exponentially
>watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica
>went to New York and saw Phantom on Broadway
>became a Nerdfighter
>procrastinated on my science fair project
>learned to hate AP US History
>got into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
>started using Skype on a regular basis
>donated blood for the first time
>started reading Wandering Son again
>found out my blood type (A+)
>got my driver's license (still waiting for the licensing ceremony, though)
>definitively decided to major in Game Design in college (specifically art if possible)
>learned how to play Magic: The Gathering

Not the most exciting, but it's fun trying to see how much I've changed since then.
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

Um, I haven't even been here for a year yet, but I decided to join the party and post!! :D

Might be long?

Friend died :'(
Sister got injured
Sister died :'(
Broke up with boyfriend of 5 years :'(
Other friend died :'(
Freaked out about university
Visited father for the first time in almost a year
Older sister visited for the first time in years
Vacation to New Mexico
Drama with my "friends"
Lost these "friends" for a while
Made up with these "friends" even though there is still awkwardness with us
Life got a bit better
Diagnosed with depression
Life got a lot better
Freaked out about college--almost changed my mind about being a nurse!
Life got much much better
Ex-Boyfriend got bleh
Life got almost to its worst time--Almost eating disorder, teeny bit of self-harm
No more self-harm
Step-dad got even more mean than normal

Kind of depressing, but eh. I'll update this in a few months. That is kind of a lot for less than a year!! :P
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

more things!

-felt like I was being social for once
-became atheist
-played lots of #leppa
-almost depression
-first B on report card and tons of tears
-gained guidance and pointers on art
-gained motivation to try out for honours art after considering not auditioning
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

Time flies by! I've been here for two whole years now. So I'm making another post here!
/begins using powers, revives thread from the dead

But yeah! here we go.
  • Joined when I was eleven.
  • I was obnoxious beyond belief? Made a few Vendettas around here that are probably
  • still unresolved, oops.
  • Was fat.
  • Had a girlfriend for the first time!
  • Decided random was not funny, and being annoying was... actually annoying.
  • Started being a bit more sporty! That wouldn't last long, though.
  • Had lots of friends! HA.
  • Started painting! I didn't like it very much, though, and haven't done it since.
  • Got kind of religious?
  • Started being social, wow.
  • Turned twelve.
  • Still pretty popular in school.
  • Did lots more art. I was getting a lot better!
  • I've been writing since I was in first grade, but it started to become an actual... thing.
  • Became a lot more tech-savvy!
  • Started having self-image issues.
  • Learned about the brilliant world of queers! No longer a queerphobe!
  • Broke up with girlfriend. Much sad. Very tear. Wow.
  • Started having vague depression? Kind of? Not really?
  • Became much more involved online.
  • Stopped actually doing things related to sports.
  • Turned thirteen!
  • Became very friend-oriented. Too bad I didn't have very many friends.
  • Joined Art class. Got hella better at art.
  • Becoming increasingly antisocial, oops.
  • Mewtini left. Qvalador is sad.
  • Becoming very involved on the Internet, too, started building my current website.
  • Became extremely depressed about everything ever.
  • Cried a lot.
  • Complained a lot.
  • ...I'm not actually sure when that ended? It just did one day.
  • Moved away.
  • Lost all my friends.
  • Started going on the Internet a lot more.
  • Acquired a fear of human beings, yay.
  • Figured out that I might not be entirely... hetero?
  • Got over self-image issues.
  • Somewhat depressed a little bit now? But I'll be fine.
  • Finished my website.
  • Started programming.
  • Started keeping a journal! It alleviates tons of stress.
  • Present day.
  • Yay?

Tada. I bet you didn't read all that.
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

Originally Posted by Flora View Post
- Joined February 2008. I was like thirteen and I prefer not to remember those times.
- VB crash (really nothing cool happened between join and crash except grade school graduation but whatever)
- high school?? High school!!!
- Friends!!
- End of freshman year
- wait am i
- friends????
- Yay no more crushes on straight girls/gay boys that i'm friends with
- Yay junior year
- Wait fuck crush on straight girl who i'm friends with
- I think???
- Well my crush has a boyfriend
- actually most of my friends have boyfriends
- Boyfriend!!
- Boyfriend???
- Oh whoops single and don't really care
- Yay senior
- Yay first show role
- Never mind I don't like this
- Yay another play role I like this one
- Graduation???
- Disney!!!
- College????
- More friends????
- Wait fuck I don't like this friend
- Okay I'm done with this friend
- Yay life is better

Anyways wow April-of-last-year!Flora if you thought life was good then imagine what awaited you less than a year later. aka now.

idk how long this is oops
-man what even happened in april of last year that was very unimportant I guess
-okay to be totally honest I don't remember what happened in 2013 up until maybe july? whatever
-oh no fighting with my sister in Disney
-Sophomore year! The freshmen are cool.
-...oh wait I actually like that one a little oops.
-making friends with seniors~ oh no wait that's a bad idea
-this dance class is fun
-HALLOWEEN PARTY! oh my god my classmates are wonderful
-dance final??? oh god
-dance final!!! i was awesome.
-christmas party!! woo. my classmates are sweethearts.
-...wait wait no senior friend why are you crying oh my god
-winter break!
-senior friend that picture is old why are you liking it all of a sudden NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE MY PHONE IS BLOWING UP WITH NOTIFICATIONS
-wait maybe senior friend likes me
-back to school! I have a class with senior friend yay~
-Sockhop! aww everyone looks cute at the sockhop. i was asked to dance by senior friend at the sockhop. does this mean anything it might mean something.
-valentine's day did literally nothing except i got senior friend's number finally
-anne frank opened! questionable comments apologizing for not being cute freshmen! I'm confused!
-slowly growing accustomed to the idea that maybe it's not wishful thinking
-went to a party, was kinda tired, decided "fuck it i'm setting phasers to full flirt," put my head on senior guy's fucking shoulder... and was asked if I was drunk. *sigh*
-decided this boy is either oblivious or not self-confident enough to recognize the damn flirting, semi-permanently set phasers to full flirt. so far nothing has come of it.
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

Dear Flora,

Even at maximum frequency, phasers are not guaranteed to trigger reciprocation. If reciprocation does not initiate spontaneously within a few weeks, you will need to use a different method. I recommend a type-2 or type-3 disruptor. For the type-2 disruptor: walk up to your senior friend and say "Yo, I have a crush on you". For the type-3 disruptor: put on your surliest frown, walk up to your senior friend, smack the back of his head and say "YO. I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU." This should give you enough data to complete your analysis.

I hope you found this answer helpful! Good luck with your research!

Prof. Bilman Badgerway
Institute of Limerence Studies
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

My turn!

-Was 10 when I joined TCoD
-Has about 2-3 friends, but is okay with this
-Yes, I've always been socially awkward
-Started middle school, actually liked it since I'd come to the conclusion that everybody I know is an asshole long before
-Get a few more friends
-Dance around Forum Games an hour a day
-Turn eleven
-Start dating someone on TCoD, which goes well for a few months
-Self-hate issues arrise
-Learn the joy of helping other people with their problems even though I can't fix my own
-Much break up. Much sad. Still friends tho
-Learn news that school will be closing over the summer and that I'll lose all my friends other than the ones I started with
-More sad
-Grades go up
-Get better at violin
-Get invited to a weeklong event in Washington D.C.
-Bored and lonely
-Seventh grade starts, now have to go to a different school
-Oh also my new school has middle and high schoolers so I learn a few things
-Turn twelve
-Still TCoD regular
-Internet addiction arrises
-Buy Minecraft, which essentially ruins my life
-One of my two remaining friends goes fandom-crazy
-I soon follow
-TCoD friend leaves due to cyberbullying
-Much sad
-Don't really go on TCoD for a while
-Watch Fullmetal Alchemist, the first in a long line of animés
-Get high for the first time with friend
-Have a generally good time, with depression issues still there
-Nothing else from 7th grade really
-Another summer
-Did pretty much nothing
-8th grade!
-Start playing guitar
-Learn who caused TCoD friend to leave, gets mad
-Gets over it
-Turns 13
-Starts going to TCoD again
-Learn that the owner of my guitar lessons had a relationship with a minor, go somewhere else
-Makes a new best friend
-Self-hate issues worsen, begin to believe that all my friends hate me
-Friend assures me that they don't
-Friend talks about moving, more sad
-Remember old girlfriend! Still really good friends!
-Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, and more anime happen
-Lose inspiration and motivation for everything
My ASB Profile.

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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

I did this about a year ago, I believe it's time for an update.

my life
>Was 11 when I joined the Cave.
>Joined ASB.
>Learned what Mafia was.
>Pissed of Negrek once. Others, too.
>Learned a lot about how everything works.
>Graduated middle school (ends in 8th grade here). Huzzah.
>Learned how to dance salsa jesus took long enough. Merengue and bachata, too.
>Jr. Prom happened. Dance with crush. Thrice.
>Saw my baby cousin during June, went to Disney with her.
>Went to this art, circus, and theater camp I go to that is always awesome.
>Started watching Doctor Who. Got Netflix bit before that.
>Started high school.
>Got into Model United Nations, Theater, Math, and other clubs.
>Won 5th place in a MUN competition with my friend's brother.
>Managed to get excused from all the finals and somehow get A's in all of the classes.
>Got cast in Peter for Romeo and Juliet which happened between the 30th of January to the 2nd of February.
>X happened couple months before that.
>Won first place in Science Fair! Although that's determined by points, so there are other first places, too.
>Actually making advances on my crush.
>Resolving to actually ask her out this Saturday, after the MUN competition.
>Continued writing my story.
>Got a deviantART account.
>Became active again on tCoD jeez.
>Opened up socially.

Whoo! This last year has been productive.



ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha

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I might even say decent.
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

>start hating everything
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

life and stuff

> Joined when I was a stupid 11-year-old (key word being stupid)
> Annoyed the hell out of everyone
> Got an infraction for plagiarism!
> Started dating someone from TCoD
> Self harm is a thing
> Breaks up with said TCoD person
> Starts dating a boy
> Becomes inactive on TCoD
> Turns 12
> Has a nasty breakup with boyfriend and best friend
> Self harm is a big thing
> Am I bisexual? Pansexual?
> Discovers Kpop
> Starts to write fanfiction
> Enters the eighth grade
> Sometime during this year I get back on TCoD, although I'm not nearly as active as before.
> Finds a new group of friends who are really super great
> Starts dating current girlfriend
> Parents discover self harm and throw me in therapy
> I graduate middle school. Everyone except my girlfriend is going to a different school
> Learn to play the guitar!
> Clean from self harm for 5 whole months
> Except in that five months I develop and eating disorder
> I start high school. It doesn't suck.
> Join a dance company!
> Self harm is a thing again.
> Like, a really big thing.
> Aaand so is my eating disorder
> Get into intermediate choir

Since joining TCoD I have...
> Become a better writer
> Gotten a lot quieter
> Somehow also gotten a lot sassier
how painful is this life?
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

Wow this is really old! Redoing.

I was eleven
Got a girlfriend
She was a bitch
Lost a girlfriend
Got another one
She was a bitch too
wow I really had relationship probs :/
Dumped her
Then I actually got a life and got active
Got a bit more religious
Realized I'm not really hetero but not really homo
Am really on edge about that ^^^
Still deciding because it's kind of a weird time/phase
Found out I'm really gifted in English and Math
Lost that active life I mentioned earlier
Now I have no idea what to do with my life
I like nobody and hate everyone D:

Last edited by Vholvek; 09-17-2014 at 05:40 PM. Reason: Other one was old
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

i have been here for 10 and a half years and the only thing that's changed is that i am slightly less stupid than i was when i was 11
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

Time for an update! My last post on this was almost a year ago, but Ohmygosh I was so whiny and sad and annoying XD

Just in caseiez this might be long

Since the last update...

Self harm has returned, pretty badly.
Eating disorder returned.
Things with the evil step dad got really bad.
Made a fantabulous friend on this forum!
Got grounded from my laptop :(
Started texting the previously mentioned fantabulous friend!
Became the girlfriend of that fantabulous friend!!!!
Life began looking better
But then the evil step dad got really really really bad.
Eating disorder and self harm got worse.
Three months with my boyfriend!!!
Went on vacation with my best friend.
Vacation ended up being terrible for me because evil people.
Sad :(
Things with step dad got even worse.
Eating disorder got at its worst, at one of my lowest weights.
Depression :(
Eating disorder almost kills me multiple times.
The evil step dad is gone.
Six months with my spectaculartastic boyfriend!!!
Mom gets pregnant with her ex-husband!
The baby is lost :(
Seven months with my perfect boyfriend!!

Yay! It has been very up and down but I have a feeling it will get better :)
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

Did I do this already, or no?

>Joined when I was eleven
>Was a huge buttmunch and no one can say otherwise
>Turned twelve
>Nothing changed
>Turn thirteen
>Got interested in writing
>Likes writing
>Kept writing
>People at my school respected me more due to me being a more tolerable person
>Joined TVTropes
>Joined... a lot of things, really.
>Turned fourteen
>Suddenly got into Total Drama
>Suddenly has an inner desire to participate on Survivor when I'm old enough

I really don't think I did anything super exciting.
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

I apparently haven't done this yet, which surprises me. I'm just about finished with high school, and I joined in eighth grade, so it's gonna take a while.
Welp, here we go.
>Joined TCoD when I was… 13? 12? Somewhere around then
>Moved from Chicago to Indiana
>Joined for friends of a common interest group + knowledge of the forums from friends + ASB
>Joined Science Olympiad
>Went through middle school (8th grade) which sucked
>HGSS came out
>Brief and fairly unsccesful attempt at spriting
>Started talking more frequently with friend from Chicago about pokemon + other things
>Started high school
>Joined Choir
>Actually started making IRL friends
>Semi-formal incident, vowed off of dating or attempting to for a while
>Started talking to Silver
>Started dating Silver
>BW came out.
>Made it to Science Olympiad Nationals
>Experienced huge homework difficulty spike
>Stopped dating Silver
>Started Sophomore year of high school
>Got into advanced concert choir at school
>Brief and mostly unsuccessful attempt at art
>Trip up to Vermont
>BW2 came out.
>Moved into better house over the summer
>Purchased first 3DS
>Started Junior Year of High School
>Started IB Program
>Major expansion of interests
>Got into Doctor Who
>Got into Sherlock
>Started a Tumblr
>Got into Supernatural
>Music taste expanded to include several bands (Muse, Coldplay, various others)
>Found interest in anime (First anime watched- sword art online)
>actually legitimately cried after watching an episode of something (Sherlock, The Reichenbach Fall)
>did it again surprisingly (doctor who, The Angels Take Manhattan)
>Rekindled fascination with space and astronomy
>Started writing more, started writing fanfiction again.
>Started looking at colleges
>Trip to Boston for college visit at MIT
>Started taking piano lessons
>Started transposing/arranging music as a hobby
>Started Senior Year of High school
>First major vocal solo (‘And So It Goes’ by Billy Joel)
>Started getting really confident/good at Science Olympiad (mainly Astronomy)
>XY came out
>Went to see the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary in a theater dressed as David Tennant (:D)
>Applied to Boston University
>Got accepted into Boston University to study Astronomy and Physics
>3DS broke
>Got kicked out of house by landlord (who was and remains an asshole)
>Got really nice 3DS XL for Christmas
>Found much nicer house, moved successfully.
>Started IV breeding in x and y, it's surprisingly fun?
>Finished (?) AP Calculus
>Immense pile of projects due
>Miraculously finished most of the products

Last edited by RespectTheBlade; 03-10-2014 at 12:05 AM.
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

If bumping this is against the rules, I'm sorry. However, I didn't see anything about bumping topics.

Anyways, here's my life since joining tCoD:

-Discovered the mafia forum and wanted to join every game
-My job keeps me really busy
-Got an infraction on my 1-week anniversary for something stupid (meaning my act was stupid. The infraction wasn't stupid)
-Went to a family reunion and discovered there's free wifi at the resort. Yay!
-Mafia is still really cool :)
-And more to come!

Last edited by Shut the Hell Up; 07-02-2014 at 06:34 AM.
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

I'm a dusty old man on this site (four years as a member! but I'm only 18) and have neglected to post for a full year at a time. So yeah, a LOT has happened - I was getting ready for freshman year of High School when I joined, having just graduated from eighth grade, and now I'm going to college in 21 days!
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Default Re: Your Life since Joining TCoD

-Joins circa 2004
-huge dork also 11 and stupid.
-proceeds to be a huge dork.
-gets involved with weird AAP stuff gods that was such a weird time
-death of proboards forum
-leaves for a friend's forum in the wake of increasingly strange drama stuff
-stays there for 5 ish years
- in the mean time turns into a band dork
- which in turn becomes a flute player
- which in turn becomes a music major in college
- also high school and middle school happen but that isn't important.
- gets into fanfiction
- writes grand 200,000 word epic about final fantasy 1 and then doesn't touch it for four years
- discovers asexuality and is confused ever since
- Joins another forum, proceeds to make a 1,000,000+ word role play happen that culminates in a doomed forum of its own and Pichu finding a boyfriend
- becomes grad student in music
- still a dork
- wow this timeline is a mess
- that's pretty much it though
-dear lord
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