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Old 03-31-2015, 07:19 PM
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Default Re: Sangfroidish vs pathos

We got this, buddy B)

Drain Punch so we just creep in over the cap, then finish him with a Focus Punch while he's idle. If we somehow mess up and he's still alive after that, hit him with Acrobatics.

Drain Punch ~ Focus Punch ~ Acrobatics
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Old 04-01-2015, 02:07 AM
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Default Re: Sangfroidish vs pathos

Round Sixteen

Sangfroidish (xxO)
Hindenburg (M) Unburden
Health: 31%
Energy: 38%
Status: Buzzing uncertainly. Odor Sleuth’d. SpA -1, Spd -2.
Commands: Drain Punch ~ Focus Punch ~ Acrobatics

pathos (xxO)
Dwight (M) Water Absorb
Health: 14%
Energy: 34%
Status: Nose twitching.
Commands: Overheat + Lava Plume / Chill / Quick Attack x3

It’s down to the wire now. Hindenburg knows it, Dwight knows it, those tiny bugs from the earlier Infestation know it. At this point, with this matchup, it’s anyone’s game. Well aware of this, Hindenburg punches Dwight in the face, pulling out some health for himself. It’s not enough to eliminate his scratches and marks like his earlier Roost did, but at least it’s something.

For Dwight, though, this is enough to push him over the edge. His face turns red — well, redder than it already is — and smoke trails comically from within his ears. He turns all his focus on the task at hand, calling on heat, heat, and more heat … though instead of gathering it inside himself the way a Flareon normally would, he channels the power into the earth underneath Hindenburg, straining himself to the point of exhaustion. It pays off, though, as the floor rumbles, and the floating Ledyba gulps at the realization that this is not going to be fun. A second later, the floor explodes in a blast of lava, creating a makeshift volcano over which Hindenburg is roasted alive, screaming as only a bug can scream. His exoskeleton starts to wither from the sheer force of the lava, taking on vivid welts that sear his nerves. Dwight cackles as he looks on, enjoying the spectacle of the broken floor, the melting ceiling, and the burning bug in between. He’s left breathing heavily from the effort, but his tail is wagging as he watches the carnage. Totally worth it.

When the lava finally slows to a trickle and starts hardening on the sizzling floor, Hindenburg just floats there as if dead, doing seemingly nothing. Dwight shrugs at this, then circles a couple of times before he settles down to take a breather on top of a pile of junk sticking out from the burning goop. If the guy’s not going to do anything, he might as well steal some me-time, right? He sighs contentedly as energy returns to his limbs, enjoying the relief it provides.

But Hindenburg isn’t wasting time. Oh no. Although he’s hanging on by a thread, he’s funnelling his energy into his fist, resolutely concentrating as if his life depends on it (which it probably does). He keeps his eyes on Dwight, focusing on his pain, and as he flits over raises his shaking limb to strike. He raises it … raises it … and brings it down hard, not quite as forcefully as he might have done otherwise, but still enough to make Dwight yelp in pain before the Flareon sinks into unconsciousness and reverts back to his ordinary form.

Floating there for a moment, Hindenburg waves his arms and buzzes a faint cheer. Then his burn throbs, painfully, and he passes out as the battle finally takes its toll on him. Luckily, the now-Drifloon if returned to his Pokeball before he can splash into the liquid rock, and Dwight the Poliwhirl is given a similar return for rest. The trainers and ref, who have jumped all jumped up onto tables by this point, exchange looks, wondering how to get out of this blistering hot warehouse. All the while, dense lava hisses with smoke ...

Sangfroidish (xxX)
Hindenburg (M) Unburden
Health: 0%
Energy: 25%
Status: Knocked out!
Actions: Drain Punch ~ Focus Punch

pathos (xxX)
Dwight (M) Water Absorb
Health: 0%
Energy: 29%
Status: Knocked out!
Actions: Overheat + Lava Plume ~ Chill

Arena Notes:
- The wall on pathos’s side is splattered with gunk.
- An Eviolite is lying in a pile of discarded stones.
- A Moon Stone is resting next to some old equipment.
- Deep cracks are running across the floor.
- The floor is drenched in cooling lava.

- Hindenburg’s health: 31% + 3% (Drain Punch) - 31% (Overheat + Lava Plume) - 3% (burn) = 0%
- Hindenburg’s energy: 38% - 4% (Drain Punch) - 9% (Focus Punch) = 25%
- Dwight’s health: 14% - 7% (Drain Punch) - 12% (Focus Punch) = 0%
- Dwight’s energy: 34% - 15% (Overheat + Lava Plume) + 10% (Chill) = 29%

Other Notes:
- Hindenburg outspeeds Dwight (90 > 65).
- Overheat + Lava Plume created a 90% accuracy fire-type move that dealt 17% damage and cost 16% energy, with a 40% chance of a burn (due to increased temperature), and lowering the user’s special attack by 2 stages afterward.
- Evolution stone bonus totals: $4 for Sangfroidish, $1 for pathos.
- Questions or concerns? Let me know.

- Great job, you guys! Even though Sangfroidish edged out in the end, it was really anybody’s game, and the tide of the battle went back and forth like nobody’s business. Exciting stuff!
- Sangfroidish gets $24 (+ $4). Domhnall gets 1 EXP/happiness, Queen Anne gets 3 EXP and 2 happiness, and Hindenburg gets 3 EXP/happiness.
- pathos gets $12 (+ $1). Shir gets 2 EXP/happiness and gets to evolve, Akra gets 3 EXP and 2 happiness, and Dwight gets 1 EXP/happiness and gets to evolve.
- I get $15.
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Old 04-01-2015, 02:11 AM
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Default Re: Sangfroidish vs pathos

Wow that was pretty epic *u* Great battle Sangfroidish, and thank you so much for reffing, Totodile!
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Old 04-01-2015, 05:27 PM
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Default Re: Sangfroidish vs pathos

dat ending tho. (fyi, damage from status conditions shouldn't ignore the cap; pretty much the only damage that does is self-inflicted, like recoil or the HP cost of a substitute.)

Well played, pathos! I was sure you had me until I pulled back into the lead with that Roost. Awesome match :3 And thanks a bunch for reffing, Totodile!

what do you mean hindy didn't need 3 more xp to evolve, that's the whole reason i was so keen on winning
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