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Old 03-25-2011, 09:34 PM
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Default Michael Jackson Mafia

Another random mafia from ILS? Of course. My other mafias have only 8 people combined so I decided on something most, if not all, have heard about.

Since MJ's death, people have missed him. Including the mad scientist Dr. Dumshitz has missed him. So, using a MJ hair he got in a concert, he cloned MJ. However, some turned out good, and some bad.



Smooth Criminal MJ: Mafia Don. Has 1 kill per night.

Thriller MJ: Mafia Don if Smooth Criminal MJ is killed.

Smooth Criminal & Thriller Dancers: Goons. Random one is elected to be Mafia if both Smooth Criminal & Thriller MJ die.


Black and White MJ: Inspector. Chooses 1 person to inspect each and find out their allignment.

Heal the World MJ: Doctor. Chooses 1 person to heal each night.

The Way You Make Me Feel MJ: Lover. Chooses another player to be lover the first night.

Bad MJ: Vigilante. Targets 1 person each night to kill.

Dancers: Townies.

- You will die if you don't send me your night action 3 times. If you will be absent, please state it to me. This doesn't apply if you don't have night actions.
- Lynches aren't required.
- Needs at least 10 players.




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