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Posticon Talking Fire Emblem: Weapon of Choice

"Miss Cecilia, I have... Most of a message from Ge... Sir Ike. He's in a rogue group North towards the Black Tower." a Paladin says hastily as he nervously shifts on his eggshell white steed.

The young assassin steps forward and takes the parchment the man had, reading bits aloud, each bit increasing in both volume and speed"... Black Tower... Three days battle... Surrounded... Unknown Magic... Metal beasts... No hope." the last phrase made her tear up. Cecilia used to be a scout for General Ike when the empire was restored; however, since this foreign nation with the crest of a purple circle, surrounded by mystical letters with unknown... The empire has decided they are neutral, but Ex-General Ike thinks differently. We are now at war with them. The empire crumbled with little resistance. There are only rogue squadrons now. We need all the help we can get. *single teardrop hits floor*


-Follow all rules in the sticky.
-This is Fire Emblem based, but no class system
-Pick a squad
-Ike is not a playable character. He is NPC. I, and the leader of Ike's squad will control him in the third person. He shall not die, though.


Name: (First Last) (if you want- [Leader of ______])
Age: (15 years old minimum unless explained in background)
Appearance: (pics are ok, but I'd rather description)
Battle Power: (one thing you can do that helps in battle. No attribute raisers here)
Weapon: (swords, lances, axes, bows, magic, etc. Include shields, horseback, etc.)
Weapon Power: (one attribute your weapon increases, and how often it is)
Bio/Background: (how did you get thrown into this???)
Squadron: (Static squads are Ike, Cecilia, and Rogue Empire. All are on the same side, just different fronts.)
Other: (anything I missed?)

Name: Cecilia Mancini

Age: 18

Appearance: Cecilia is decked out with a snug black shirt covered by a dark grey jacket with an assassin's creed style hood, a velvet waistband given to her by her mentor, a pair of camo cargo pants, and lightweight grey shoes.

Battle power: Shadow- 10 seconds of invisibility and silenced movement.

Weapon: (dual) Stiletto- powerful yet lightweight knives

Weapon Power: shadow blade- black power extends from the hilt, creating a shadowy blade as long as a sword for 60 seconds, which can only happen when Cecilia gets exhausted.

Bio/Background: Cecilia was a scout for General Ike when the Empire of Begnion was effective. Cecilia was never one to question orders, but the missions kept getting more... Vague. After a mission to execute a man toed or not paying tythe to the empress, the man was reported as "fled the empire's reach", and Cecilia retired as an assassin-for-hire. She has heard of Ike's push forward just now, and hopes to make it in time with her squad as in tact as possible I'm hopes of saving him.

Squadron: Cecilia (Leader)

Other: we're gonna play personality by ear, but you can add some in your bio/background section.

Cecilia [leader] (Magnemite):

Ike :

Rogue Empire:
-[leader] ()

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