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Default Legend of the Warriors

One, very long ago, there existed a kingdom known as Jamar. Within that kingdom, there lived a society comprised of highly skilled swordsmen known as "The Warriors." Each of them also had control of at least one type of power, whether it be aura manipulation, superstrength, or whatever. Some warriors were chosen to guard the king, while others served as soldiers in the Royal Army. They were unstoppable.

That was, until he arrived. Lord Draken, the self-proclaimed Shadow Lord, attacked a village within the Kingdom and slaughtered everyone in the village using Shadow Skills, as he called them. Everyone slain became Shadow Warriors who aided him unwilling in his attack on the capital of Jamar.

The attack became one of the greatest battles ever in Jamar as every Warrior tried to hold back the army. However, their efforts were meaningless and every Warrior fell before the Shadow Lord. That was..except for a young warrior known as Krotaos. He fled from the capital and left the kingdom forever.

Now, fifty years have passed and the decendants of Krotaos have lived in secret in the Unknown Lands. They each have their own skills that they have yet to master.

You are one of the decendants. Do you have the ability to reclaim Jamar and free the common people from Draken's tyranny? Only you have the choice to do so. Good Luck.

Sign up Form

Name: (first name only)
Power (don't be overpowering):
Other Details:

Here is my character

Name: Kamara
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: White-skinned with medium cut brown hair. She wears a blue skiirt and black leather pants. Her eyes are blue. She carries a retractable double-bladed staff on her belt. (see weopens)
She grew up with the other children of Krotaos, but seldom knew her father. He often left the remote village to do "errands" and return with food. She mostly spent time with her mother, who cared for her.
Power(s): Telepathy and energy manipulation
Personality: Energetic, with a slight humorous side, but can become serious when need be.
Weopens: A retracable double-bladed staff. It has two blades that can come out of either side of a metal cylander when a button is pressed. She keeps the cylander on her belt.
Other Details: None

Made by me.

Check out my Poetry Collection

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