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Old 12-03-2014, 12:38 AM
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Default Re: Let's say nice things about gen 4

...the 4th generation games are generally disliked? Weird.

The 4th generation is probably my favorite one of the bunch, actually. Diamond/Pearl got me back into Pokémon after years of disinterest, and I still think Platinum and HG/SS were probably the best main-series Pokémon games so far, at least among those I've played (though at this point I've mostly lost interest... so I haven't played anything that came out after Black/White 2.)

And, as mentioned already by a couple others, the physical/special split is one of the best changes to the game mechanics they've ever come up with... seriously, that's something that should've happened all the way back in the days of the original Game Boy. As much as I liked the original Gold/Silver, they definitely made some mistakes in that generation... "Dark is a special type!" was the dumbest thing about the Dark type back then (about the only thing about the type that actually ranks higher on the dumb-o-meter than being immune to Psychic for... absolutely no reason outside of type balancing), and if they'd split types and special-ness along with splitting the Special stat itself into special attack/defense, that would've never happened. HG/SS corrected almost all of the original G/S's mistakes, now that I think about it (G/S/C's version of Kanto was awful, for example. HG/SS's Kanto is significantly better. It's nice to have a real Viridian Forest again rather than that dinky little winding path through some bushes from G/S/C.)

There are a couple things about the 4th-generation games I'm not a fan of, of course. The "crappy 3D everywhere!" maps and "ugly bobble-head" trainer/NPC sprites that have followed us from that point onward (though thankfully they've improved the graphics since then--Platinum and HG/SS were a step up from D/P and they've just improved more from there--I would still much rather have some well-done 2D... as much as the 6th-gen in-battle graphics surprised me with their not-awfulness, Pokémon in general just don't look that great in 3D, and there are some even in X/Y's "actually decent looking, not just re-using the awful Pokémon Stadium style graphics" version of things that look bad... Swalot for example, when did the entire species get two big round tumors on their faces in place of lips?) started out there, HG/SS did that weird thing where they changed Red's Espeon into a Lapras for no good reason, and the abomination known as Lickilicky came from that generation too.

...But even considering those bits, there's A LOT more positive than negative about the 4th generation.
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