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Old 02-28-2013, 03:44 AM
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Posticon Talking (Sign-up/OOC) Mutations

The last one died. This /is/, in fact, identical to my last RP. :3

You are... well... you don't know what you are. Mutant? No. Seems too trivial a word to describe you. And your circle of friends as well.

Because, you see... you were born this way. Not "NANANANA BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY!" Yeah, no. You were born mutated. Different. Unconventional. You have... elemental/superhuman abilities. You and your friends all do. You've always been an outsider, and while no one knows your secrets of power, it's beginning to slip out. You have to hide it from your pare-

Oh, wait. Sorry, you don't have parents. They abandoned you upon finding their kid was different; they wanted an easy kid, which is definitely not what they got. You live in an old, creaky, abandoned house -- deemed 'haunted' by the local children -- with your friends, only they don't feel like friends. They've become family. Sisters. Brothers. You go to school, trying to keep as low a profile as you possibly can. No extracurricular activities that could get you exposed. No clubs. No volunteering.

And recently, your suburban town of Annesota has been trying to invest money into saving mutated kids. Kids with club feet, cyclops, missing arm, that sort of thing. Technically, you are mutated, but you can't afford to expose yourself. And a group of rebels, adults and teenagers, who are prejudiced against anyone but the norm, have been infiltrating the town and hunting out and actually murdering odd persons, sometimes instead taking suspicious characters hostage. You have been trying to stay invisible from them, but it isn't going to work much longer, unless you either surrender yourself or move away, away, far away. Annesota's police have been attempting to arrest the rebels, but they continue to have new people join.

Your group is beginning to break down. Maybe kill off everyone in the town. Maybe lash out in a flare of anger. You have the ability to destroy the town in a matter of days. But you aren't that malicious.

Power Description

You can either have an element listed below, or opt for something else (for example, having the cliched ability to fly and have superhuman strength/agility). Suggestions of additional ones will be listed below as well... Actually, you all have great agility.



Suggested Other Powers

•Turning invisible at will
•Merging with other motors like Rotom
•Turning into whatever you touch
•Possessing others

•Be courteous.
•Have decent spelling and grammar at all times.
•No godmodding.
•No Mary Sues.
•Don't extend your powers.
•Discussion goes in this thread, not the RP itself.
•Try not to post one liners. At least a paragraph of solid text.
•No smilies or emoticons in the RP. Pretty obvious.
•If you don't adhere to these rules long enough, you might just be dropped.
•Swearing is allowed, minimally.
•There shouldn't be much gore.
•I guess romantic relationships could happen, but not really. You want to marry the one whom you've lived with for your whole life as a brother or sister?


Other than the mutants, there are local children who are curious. I call 'em curious kids, and they most likely are smaller roles.

Name: (obvious, but this can be kind of unname like; you named yourself (in the case of curious kids, have normal sounding names and last names are obligatory. Mutants are allowed to only have one, but if they have first and last, it should sound more like a doll's name or something.)
Gender: (M/F)
Age: (duh; 8-16)
Element/other ability: (can combine one ability with element or two abilities and no element; n/a for curious kids)
Personality: (uh obvious)
Appearance: (either text or image)
Writing Sample: (write a paragraph or so of anything you want here)


- Aurora Borealis (Mewtini)
- Mutant (User)
- Mutant (User)
- Mutant (User)
- Mutant (User)
- Curious Kid (User)
- Curious Kid (User)
- Curious Kid (User)

We will start once we have three mutants and two curious kids, but will still accept applications.
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Old 02-28-2013, 03:52 AM
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Pronoun: she/her/hers
mewtini is an unknown quantity at this point
Default Re: (Sign-up/OOC) Mutations

Separate post for my character.

Name: Aurora Borealis
Gender: F
Age: 12
Element/other ability: Ice, telekinesis which is limited by weight; her ice capabilities allow her to freeze anything that she wishes, but it also means she is intolerant of heat.
Personality: Aurora is extremely sweet and has good intentions. She occasionally has those angry outburst moments (during which she is prone to freezing everything around her), but they are isolated and few. She has a slight motherly nature.
Appearance: I'll draw this later. In text:
She is rather tall for her age, with tannish skin. Her hands and feet are reddened and blistered from self-inflicted frostbite. She has knee-length dark chocolate brown hair, which is usually lazily braided. She has hazel eyes, which turn blue during the process of freezing something. While utilizing telekinesis, her hands and the object that she is lifting glow light magenta.
Writing Sample: Seriously.
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