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Posticon Paper ☼The Creature From My Dreams☼

I'm currently taking sign-ups for my custom RP, so feel free to ask about it!

Also, you don't have to read all of this.

Note: I am new-ish to being a Dream Master (DM for short), so please point out if I'm a little extreme. Thank you.

Game every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Live games every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Creation Stones let you make things that aren't in the world (Pokemon, Green Lantern, etc.) be in the world.

Rarities are Usual, Common, Rare, Rarer and Legendary.

Choose 3 items and post your character's name, gender, stats, items, spells, class, level, coins, who they worship (If any), and magic level.

This is a System I created and is not part of any other Gaming System.

Dice Tool:

Music (Read Use Policy):

Credit to Emily at


You're in a fantasy world that has made machines using pure magic. Wizards of all types created six years ago, a stone that could make anything you wanted. But 7 years later it was divided into eight shards that, when all connected, form a Creation Stone. Wizards have been reproducing Creation Shards in factories ever since then, but one Warrior used sixteen Creation Shards to form chaos, causing factories to come to life, steam turning the clouds gray and the world turned into a desert, with Miscreation Forests scattered around the planet. The world has succumbed to chaos, and only you can try to stop it! You start out underground, sleeping. Then a roar woke you up, and it was the creature from your dream! Except it looked less purple than when you woke up. Then you find that you're in a time lock, a spell Wizards perfected what was over a hundred years ago! You foretold everything that happened when you were asleep, and it was true!


Keep people equally included.

Be fair and don't taunt or bully.

Don't be racist or s*xist.

Keep up to date.

Don't skip sessions unless you tell other people.

Don't make sudden changes.

Must be clear and descriptive.

No raging.

Tell me if you're going to leave.

Please stay in touch with the game.

Write/Type backstory for your character.

Get some paper to write stats down and stuff (or just post it in a place you'll remember).

You can't have more than one Creation Shard for your three items.

You can only have leather armor for your first armor.

If you want to try to discover or create something, make a Learning roll if it isn't magic, but if it's magic, make a Magic Mastery roll, or if it has something do do with a piece of Factor Steel, use Factor %.

Krokeenium Coins are worth 10 Harops, Kamplidict Coins are worth 20 Harops, Seranikyao Coins are worth 50 Harops, and Snadronfaft Coins are worth 70 Harops.

50 Harops is worth a Zet.

You can hold 7 items at a time.

Your Backpack can hold 16 items at a time.

You start out with a Leather Backpack too.

You can write down types of magic (And their levels) to switch to in a Spellbook.

You can write down spells in your Spellbook (If you have one).

You can level up your magic types if you used that type of magic as many times that you have levels for that magic type (So basically if you have Pyromancy level one and you use Fireball once, you upgrade it).

You can only use six spells at a time, and four types of magic at a time.

If you want to tame a monster, make a Leadership roll.

Stat rolls make you roll the # of dice for the # of Stat Points for that stat.

Always use a D6(s).

Player Species:

Elf: (Graceful and Bountiful) (Make good Archers)

Dwarf: (Short but Sturdy) (Great Blacksmiths)

Simlin: (Elves from the Sebayras) (Dark-skinned and great Wizards)

Factoron: (Factorotic machines) (Good for Fighting, Pyromancy and Factormancy)

Human: (Varies) (Good for varied things)

Half Immortal: (Descendants from Gods) (Good for about anything)

Wizard (Necromancer, Pyromancer, Lich, Factormancer, Greenomancer, Frostomancer, Undermancer, Prismaticancer, Electromancer, Duskomancer, Destromancer, Spawnomancer, Illusiomancer, Mystomancer, Zaarnomancer, Leklomancer): (Magic users of any type you choose) (Best for any Magic.)

Phlexar (Barbarian, Swordsman): (Usually dumb but strong) (Great for Fighting)

Mystarin (Healer, Buffer, Priest): (Followers of the Gods) (Good for helping the Party)

Leklonian (Rogue, Thief): (Swift, Cunning people) (Best for Backstabbing and Stealing)

Chaos Elf (Half Simlin, Half Elf people that favor Magic, Greathammers, and Scythes) (Good for long range Magic)

Moonlocke (Nocturnal Simlin people, they posess a box capable of harnessing Prismatic energy) (Good for Combat)

Dream Master's Rules:

Must be clear and descriptive.

Include everyone.

Be fair and don't taunt or bully.

Don't be racist or s!xist.

Keep up to date.

Don't skip sessions unless you tell other people.

Don't make sudden changes.

Let people sign up despite their reputation.

Keep people equally included.




Magic Mastery



Factor %


HP (Sub Stat)

MP (Sub Stat)

Use 14 Stat Points (SP) to upgrade stats (Sub-Stats don't count).


Coin (Krokeenium, Kamplidict, Seranikyao, Snadronfaft, Factoract, Enchanted) (Starter: 10 Krokeenium Coins) [Common/Rare]

Rope (Normal, Energy, Enchanted, Barbed) (Starter: Normal, 50 feet) [Common/Rare]

Map (Dungeon, Realm, Planet, Underwater, Underground, Above Ground) [Rare]

Torch/Lantern (Enchanted, Normal) (Starter: Normal, 8) [Usual]

Potion (Heal, Strength, Speed, Damaging, Blank) (Starter: Heal, 6) [Usual/Legendary]

Sword (Rapier, Broadsword, Katana, Scimitar) (Starter (Human/Phlexar/Simlin/Dwarf/Elf): Any, 1 or 2) [Usual/Legendary]

Dagger (Normal, Hooked, Enchanted, Poison-Tipped) (Starter (Leklonian): Any, 1-2) [Usual/Legendary]

Bow/Crossbow (Normal, Enchanted) (Starter (Simlin/Elf/Human): Normal, 1) [Usual/Legendary]

Repulsor (Normal, Armored) [Rarer]

Melee (Spiked Gloves, Pipe, Plant, Stick, etc.) (Starter: Any Usual/Common, 1-2) [Usual/Legendary]

First Aid Kit (Inner, Outer) (Starter: Both, 2) [Usual]

Detector (Item, Person, Friend, Trap, Monster) [Rarer]

Portable Hole (Color Choice) [Rare]

Maze Marker Pack (12, 36, 64) [Common]

Creation Fragment (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8) [Legendary]

Food (Normal, Poisoned) (Starter: Normal, Any Food, 13 lbs.) [Usual]

Poison (Starter (Leklonian): 3 Cups) [Usual]

Spellbook/Tome (Necromancer, Pyromancer, Lich, Factormancer, Greenomancer, Frostomancer, Undermancer, Prismaticancer, Electromancer, Duskomancer, Destromancer, Spawnomancer, Illusiomancer, Mystomancer, Zaarnomancer, Leklomancer) (Starter (Wizard, Simlin, Chaos Elf): Any, 1) [Usual/Legendary]

Scroll (Magic, Info, Summon) [Usual/Legendary]

Wand/Staff (Magic, Melee) (Starter (Wizard, Simlin): Any, 1) [Usual/Legendary]

Scythe/Sickle (Magic, Normal, Farming) (Starter (Chaos Elf, Factoron, Human): Normal or Magic, 1-2) [Usual/Legendary]

Hammer/Greathammer/Mace (Normal, Spiked, Blunt Front+Spike Back, Enchanted) (Starter (Factoron, Human, Simlin, Dwarf, Chaos Elf): Any, 1-2) [Usual/Legendary]

Axe/Battle Axe (Hooked, Normal) (Starter (Any): Any, 1-2) [Usual/Legendary]

Water Can (Full, Enchanted) [Common]

Scale (Dragon, Lizargon, Mimic, etc.) [Common/Legendary]

Enchanted/Magic Items (Gatestone, Censer, Enchanting Stone, etc.) (Starter (Any): Any, 1-2) [Usual/Legendary]

Scepter (Magic, Normal) (Starter (Any): Any, 1-2) [Usual/Legendary]

Claw (Magic, Normal) (Starter (Leklonian): Any, 1-2) [Usual/Legendary]

Moonlocke Box (Design Choice) (Starter (Moonlocke): Design Choice, 1-3) [Usual/Legendary]

Key (Door, Chest, Realm, Skeleton, Enchanted) [Common/Legendary]

Trap Setter (Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Roof, Chest, Container, Pit, etc.) (Starter (Leklonian): Any, 1-3) [Common]

Chalice (Normal, Enchanted) [Common/Rare]

Portal Stickers (Color Choice) [Legendary]

12-Foot Pole (For Traps) (Starter (Leklonian): 1) [Rarer]


Helmet/Hat/Mask (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Chest Plate (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Leggings/Pants (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Boots/Shoes (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Backpack (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Ninja Wraps (Leather, Plant)

Shield (Back, Hand, Arm) (Factor, Leather, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

Costume (Leather, Factor)

Ring/Necklace/Bracelet (Factor, Plant, Metal/Gemstone)

*All 8 Creation fragments turn into a Creation Stone.


Krokeenium (kra-KEE-num)

Factoract (fak-TORE-act) (Factor Steel)

Teuraniuah (tur-ANE-ee-uh)

Kamplidict (camp-LID-ict)

Seranikyao (ser-an-IK-eye-oh)

Snadronfaft (snad-RON-faft)


Vexipe (vecks-EYEP) (Used as a coat or polisher for weapons, tools, etc.)

Mecrampantion (mee-cramp-PUN-shun)

Ikellope (eye-KELL-ohpe)

Typlok (tip-LOCK)

Hajiklazaxymanitykumdaft (hagd-iklazz-axe-EEMAN-ityk-umdaft)

Gruewquame (grew-QWAME)


The Halls of Nowhere

Akadia Markets

The Portal Lands

The Cable

The Omega Factor

The Prismatic Wastes

The Sebayras

The Overworld



Fireball (Color Choice) (You hurl a fireball from your hand) (Costs 10 MP) 1

Fire Blast (Color Choice) (A hurricane of fire bursts from your hand in a swirling tornado) (Costs 20 MP) 2

Finger Gun (Color Choice) (Fire Bullets) (You make a finger gun gesture, shooting up to 5 burning bullet balls at a time from your index finger) (Costs 40 MP) 3

Blaze Pillar (You summon a flaming, obsidian pillar that homes in on your target) (Costs 80 MP) 4

Flame Charm (You use 13 less MP for Pyromancy) (Costs 45 MP) 5


Vine 1 (Minor tree vines will restrain the target for up to 20 seconds) (Costs 8 MP) 1

Vine 2 (Some vines will scratch up or hold the target for up to a minute) (Costs 19 MP) 2

Vine 3 (Pluto Lifekiller vines will steal some HP from the target and paralyze the target) (Costs 21 MP) 3

Shrub Sting (Summons a Swamp Sting Shrub) (Costs 32 MP) 4


Frost (Color Choice) (Will chill an enemy less than 5 feet away) (Costs 5 MP) 1

Freeze Beam (Color Choice) (It creates ice around your target, making it unable to move that part) (Costs 20 MP) 2

Ice Regeneration (You freeze your wounds shut with ice so cold that you can't feel it) (Costs 35 MP) 3


Netherland Reach (You summon a portal, enabling you to summon a bolt shaped like a hand to grab the target and singe it) (Costs 10 MP) 1

Underbolt (You summon up to 18 Sebayran crystal bolts from your palm) (Costs 20 MP) 2

Sebayran Blastray (You summon a Blastray that burns the target) (Costs 30 MP) 3

Sebayran Crystal Dance (You do an enchanting dance that summons Sebayran crystals all around you that you can fire at any time) (Costs 40 MP) 4


Prismatic Bolt (Up to 3 bolts of prismatic energy come out of your chest) (Costs 5 MP) 1

Prismatic Wave (3-4 bursts of prismatic energy in an expanding radius knock back anything that gets in the radius) (Costs 71 MP) 2

Prismatic Rush (You dash so fast that using prismatic force and speed, you go through an object less than 10 feet thick) (Costs 100 MP) 3

Prismatic Conversion (You convert part of your soul into prismatic energy, allowing you to upgrade your Prismaticancy level) (Costs 214 MP) 4

Prismatic Slash (You cut through time and space into a dimension with a purple and black sky that has everything that could have happened) (Costs 327 MP) 5


Note: You can use all of these spells, as long as you have what is required.

Factor Beam (Requires Factor % of 6 or higher) (A beam of Factorotic magma comes out of your eye) (Costs 14 MP)

Factor Blade (Requires Factor % of 3 or higher) (Factorotic magma forms a blade in your fist) (Costs 7 MP)

Factor Burst (Requires Factor % of 8 or higher) (You make a number of burning pulses equal to your Factor %) (Costs 20 MP)

Factor Companion (Requires Factor % of 2 or higher) (You summon a Factoron that talks, fights and helps you. Will need magma refills) (Costs 15 MP)


Lightning (Color Choice) (Shocks the target) (Costs 13 MP) 1

Lightning Whirlpool (Color Choice) (A sinkhole of electricity rises from the ground under your target) (Costs 50 MP) 2

Electroweb (Yellow or Blue) (You throw an Electroweb that slows and shocks anything it comes in contact with) (Costs 60 MP) 3


Midnight Blastray (You summon a dark, starry Blastray that paralyzes your target) (Costs 38 MP) 1

Xzelphi Blast (You spray 7 purple beams that dance around your body, propelling the target backwards) (Costs 6,789 MP) 2

Blackout (You throw a spiraling, black light that summons pure darkness) (Costs 682 MP) 3


Summon Skekter (You summon a Skekter that fights for you) (Costs 40 MP) 1

Summon Vaporman (You summon a Vaporman to fight for you) (Costs 40 MP) 2

Summon Bonebomb (You throw a skull that explodes with bones) (Costs 30 MP) 3

Summon Ghost (You summon a Ghost of your choosing to fight for you) (Costs 40 MP) 4

Undead Blastray (You propel a Blastray of skulls and flesh to the target in a rushing flurry) (Costs 89 MP) 5

Home Bones (You throw bones with magic imbued inside) (Costs 16 MP) 6

Bone Blade (Your Choice) (You summon a blade of bone that gets stronger and more fleshy the more you defeat with it) (Costs 400 MP) 7

Seeking Skull (You summon a skull that homes to the target) (Costs 23 MP) 8


Soul Split (You shortly imbue your soul into a living creature or object and control it) (Costs 42 MP) 1

Soul Gather (You strengthen yourself with souls of those you defeat) (Costs 65 MP) 2

Dark Lantern (You hold a lantern that can steal the soul of your target, if it has one) (Costs 37 MP) 3


Velocity Blades (You send 8 rolling, glowing yellow blades that will cut through anything, even itself) (Costs 2,000 MP) 1

Soul Blade (You summon a blade made of pure souls that will heal you over 5 minutes) (Costs 27 MP) 2

Robotic Shriek (Requires Magic Mastery of 8 or higher and Factor % of 2 or higher) (You shriek, causing anything near you to explode) (Costs 34 MP) 3

Soul Control (Requires Magic Mastery of 16 or higher) (You can use your soul to crush objects and send creatures to different dimensions) (Costs 78 MP) 4

Conversion (Requires Magic Mastery of 19 or higher and Factor % of 1 or higher) (You convert part of yourself into a version of yourself that glows bright blue and does +50 damage) (Costs 157 MP) 5

Time Lock (You lock something in time for as long as you want) (Costs 8,247 MP) 6


Spawn Acid Raven (You summon an Acid Raven that does +1 damage for each Magic Mastery skill point for your next roll) (Costs 4 MP) 1

Spawn Mutant Cat (You summon a Mutant Cat that heals 2 HP for each 6 you roll in combat) (Costs 15 MP) 2

Spawn Lurkenite (You summon a Factorotic Lurker that gives you a skill point for every pair of 2s you roll in combat) (Costs 32 MP) 3

Spawn Cthlaarok Youngling (You summon a Cthlaarok Youngling that does +2 damage and heals 3 MP for each pair of 3s and one 5 on a combat roll) (Costs 19 MP) 4

Spawn Double (You summon a copy of yourself that does half the damage you roll in combat) (Costs 80 MP) 5

Spawn Factoron (You summon a Factoron that does +3 damage for every 1, 5 or 6 you roll in combat) (Costs 13 MP) 6

Spawn Life Guardian (You summon a Life Guardian that does +2 damage for each 4 you roll in combat and +1 elemental damage) (Costs 10 MP) 7

Spawn Fire Guardian (You summon a Fire Guardian that does +2 damage for each 6 you roll in combat and +1 elemental damage) (Costs 10 MP) 8

Spawn Frost Guardian (You summon a Frost guardian that does +2 damage for each 2 you roll in combat and +1 elemental damage) (Costs 10 MP) 9

Spawn Prismatic Guardian (Requires Magic Mastery of 6 or higher) (You summon a Prismatic Guardian that does +4 damage for each 1, 3, or 5 you roll in combat and +4 elemental damage) (Costs 47 MP) 10

Spawn Wantiwom (You summon a Wantiwom that heals 3 MP and does +3 damage for each 3 you roll in combat) (Costs 16 MP) 11

Spawn Sebayranian (You summon a Sebayranian that heals 8 HP for every Sebayranian you've summoned before) (Costs 20 MP) 12


Illusion (Safe, Dangerous) (You summon an illusion that can fool or damage the target) (Costs 23 MP) 1

Mirrored Landscape (You lay a mirror that mimics the landscape near the target) (Costs 82 MP) 2

Paper Wall (You place a giant piece of paper in a room or small area and disguise it as a wall) (Costs 56 MP) 3

False Pit (You paint a pit image over something) (Costs 38 MP) 4

Infinite Hallway (You make a teleporting hallway that goes forever) (Costs 264 MP) 5

Boxed Space (Requires Factor % of 1 or higher) (You use Factor Steel to make a boxed space that is disguised) (Costs 356 MP) 6

False Door (You summon a paper door poster that appears to be real) (Costs 74 MP) 7

Duogram (You summon a Magigram of yourself that can become physical and a Magigram on command) (Cost 147 MP) 8

Portallus (You make an invisible portal) (Costs 50 MP)


Hopeless Echo (You make an echo that takes the hope from your target) (Costs 13 MP) 1

Grappling Tendrils (You summon some tendrils that slow your target) (Costs 27 MP) 2

Illusioblaze (You flash an illusion light that confuses your target) (Costs 49 MP) 3


Lekloblaze (Only works on undead) (A white blaze of light causes the undead to collapse) (Costs 100 MP) 1

Leklozoom (You imbue yourself with the elements, allowing you to run faster than time itself) (Costs 175 MP) 2

Leklocharge (You charge up the element of your choice and make a speeding elemental bubble that discharges on impact) (Costs 350 MP) 3

Leklonian Chant (You utter a chant that bears the power to summon the nearly extinct race, the Leklonian, to fight by your side) (Costs All MP, But must be at least 800 MP) 4

Leklonian Terrorfang (You summon a Leklonian Hound spirit to possess you for 46 real minutes and give you +960 MP) (Costs 1000 MP) 5


Undead Death (Only works on undead) (Will melt the undead from the inside) (Costs 15 MP) 1

Summon Healing Potion (Summons a HP Restore Potion) (Costs 30 MP) 2

Heal (Roll 2 D6s, and heal that HP (+5 if your character is a Mystarin)) (Costs 45 MP) 3

Bless (Bless target (+1 to D6 rolls) in the name of any god you choose) (Costs 60 MP) 4

Classic Spells

Note: Classic Spells are all usable at Magic type level one.

Rainbow Ray (Confuses the target) (Costs 36 MP)

Magigram (You make a hologram of yourself made from magic)

Light (Color Choice) (Lights up an object) (Costs 5 MP)

Feather Fall (Makes you take no damage from heights for 5 minutes) (Costs 20 MP)

Magic Missile (Color Choice) (A classic) (Costs 18 MP)

Transform (Player, Enemy) (Do I need to explain this?) (Costs 56 MP)

Sense Magic (Type Choice) (Lets you... sense magic) (Costs 34 MP)

Charm (Gives you a friendship or a minion for up to 10 hours) (Costs 49 MP)

Teleport (Maybe better than a portal, but still almost the same) (Costs 30 MP)

Enchant (Another classic) (Costs 84 MP)

Predict (Lets you see the future) (Costs 52 MP)

Portal (Color Choice) ("Thank you for helping us help you help us all") (Costs 30 MP)

Add Part (Great for Blacksmiths) (Costs 12 MP)

Fix (Rope, Sword, Glass, Window, Crystal, etc) (Fox?) (Costs 37 MP)


Yqwerzazpez (Sebayran God)

Factor-896 (Factor God)

Prasmaphasma (Prismatic God)

Vexaeril (Illusion God)

Dragon Types:





Neon Green=Acid







Rust=Factor Magma



Dragon Groups:

The Silymce (Brown, Gray)

The Jelopher (Black, White)

The Flakjorm (Yellow, Pink/Purple)

The Reghonquex (Orange, Neon Green)

The Talyph (Green, Indigo)

The Haliophem (Red, Blue)

The Yttylcast (Rust, Humanoid)


Leklonian Hound (Corrupted Leklonian souls) (Undead/Creature)

Tendrilytes (5 foot tall tendril masses) (Plant)

Kelon Giant (50 foot tall, Factorotic soul shells) (Undead/Factorotic)

Prismatic Soul (A lost soul that used Prismaticancy too much) (Undead/Humanoid)

Remote Simlin (A species of Simlin that has been fused with a Factoron's Factor Steel and magma) (Demon/Factorotic/Humanoid)

Wyvex (Winged humanoids related to Dragons) (Creature/Humanoid)

Guala (Grayish-green, drooling creatures with half a brain) (Humanoid/Undead)

Mutant (Fused Creature) (Creature/Undead)

Godlike (An immortal creature that is related to a god) (Humanoid)

Human (Humans that have been turned bad by greed, envy, and a lust for power) (Humanoid)

Alien (You know, the thing that is not from our world) (Creature)

Cursed Object (An object, most commonly swords, that is cursed to be evil) (Creature)

Mimacazel (Can disguise itself as anything) (Creature)

Dragon (The classic creature!) (Creature)

Orcegra (Chubby, green, slobbery creatures that fashion unusual weapons like sticks and pipes) (Creature/Humanoid)

Lizargon (A giant, green, scaled lizard with spikes and ice breath) (Creature)

Archangel (A Factorotic and demonic angel that can shoot feathers as sharp as a one millimeter-long blade) (Demon)

Miscreation Beast (A demonic, black hound with cracks of purple energy) (Demon)

Syrepnon (A gray colored demon with spiked wings and horns) (Demon)

Cthlaarok (A small, greenish-blue creature with tentacles and wings) (Demon)

Simlin (A demon closely related to Elves that don't give easy trust) (Demon/Humanoid)

Lurker (A Sebayranian that will hide off in people's bags and eat whatever they can find) (Demon)

Lurkenite (A Factorotic Lurker that is a fusion between Yqwerzazpez and Factor-896) (Demon/Factorotic)

Pluto Lifekillers: (Basically man-eating Venus Flytraps) (Plant)

The Creature from Your Dreams: (Black and Purple creature with six mantis legs and is 6 feet tall) (Creature)

Dreamwasters: (Carnivorous trees that have dark red bark that eat your dreams and then eats you) (Plant)

The Rope: (Hides in trees and ties you up) (Mostly in Dreamwaster trees) (Plant)

Hanglewood: (Feathered creatures that draws white arrows pointing towards itself, hoping for lost people to think they pointed to shelter so it can eat them) (Creature)

Skydarves: (Not Sky Dwarfs) (Flying, green, furry creatures that eat mostly Factor creations, but will eat meat if it has to) (Creature)

Wibbles: (Cuddly things that are just round balls of fur with small, blue eyes) (Creature)

The ErROr5: (These red and black colored cats with blue eyes can manipulate time, allowing anything smart enough to be blessed with extreme power over creatures) (Creature)

Mock Mines: (A giant hive mind, they are spread out across the world, waiting for people to go inside them) (Grows famous fungus called Acrob Fungus inside of itself) (Crreature)

The Emotionally Dark Light Beings: (Beings of absolute light, if you looked straight at it from a foot away, they would blind you) (Undead/Humanoid)

Factor-896: (The ruler of the Factor Clan, it can create entirely new Factor beings using spare parts of anything it finds) (Factorotic)

Monkeys Riding Ostriches: (The monkeys command the ostriches to charge into things) (Creature)

A Kitten: (Yes, it's just a kitten) (Creature)

Old Lady Knitting-Needle: (Copyright Tabletop at GeekAndSundry) (Humanoid)

Ultimate Zombie Ninjas: (This needs no explaining) (Undead/Humanoid)

Yqwerzazpes: (ick-WER-zaz-pez) (Demon of the Realms, you don't want to mess with it) (Demon)

Muddy Man: (No, he's a man made OF mud) (Undead/Humanoid)

A Crying Mask: (If you know what I mean) (Undead)

Vapormen: (Men made out of particles of water that blend in with whatever's behind them) (Undead/Humanoid)

Skekter: (Factor, Normal, Crossbreed, etc.) (Winged undead with Skeleton hands and arms) (Undead/Humanoid)

Wantiwom: (Octopus-like creatures with needles on the tips of each tentacle) (Creature)

Creation Stone Creature (Your Choice)


Good Lawful


Medium Lawful


Chaotic Lawful



Flower: (Standard) (Any color)

Miscreation Flower: (Remnants from before the War) (Grayish Brown)

Dielac: (Causes Fevers) (Red/Pink)

Fegraparious: (Dances) (Purple/Green/Red)

Zaxopod: (Sounds like a saxophone) (Gold, like a saxophone)

Ryteuhsedfihk: (ry-TWE-sed-fik) (Coal colored)

Acrob Fungus: (Good for Curing Colds and Fevers) (Glows green)

Morphungus: (Morphing Fungus)

Spectrum Fungus: (Glows and Flashes Rainbow Colors)

Miscreation Fungus: (Great for scenting things) (Grayish Brown)

Prismatic Cactus: (Prismatic Cacti) (Prismatic colored)

Miscreation Tree: (Like a maze) (Grayish Brown)

Sixtion Tree: (Takes Six Cuts to Topple Over) (Gold and Birch Colors)

Swamp Sting Shrubs: (Stings like 23 bees) (Swamp Green)


Spore (Acrob Fungus, Spectrum Fungus, Morphungus, Miscreation Fungus)

Rock (Solid Factor Magma, Natural, Steel Chunk, Gemstone Chunk)

Paper (Normal, Magic)


Wood (Sixtion Tree, Miscreation Tree)

Swamp Sting Shrub Needle (Normal, Dead, Burnt)


1 Creatarium

2 Jalorite

3 Excelsiar

4 Ghrenite

5 Quisodeium

Items You Can't Start With:

Creation Stone (Lets You Create Things)

Creation Stone Item (Your Choice)

Telepraico (Allows Time Travel, Space Travel, Basically a TARDIS)

Armor You Can't Start With:

Creation Stone Armor (Your Choice)

Roleplay Terms:

DM (Dream Master)

Check (Roll)

RP (Roleplay)

Stat Points or SP (Statistic Points)

System or Gaming System (A base for your RP)

D(#) (A (#)-sided die)

Players Signed Up (1):


Players Signed Up (Live) (1):


Congratulations! Sign up if you wish!

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Posticon Talking Re: The Creature from my Dreams

Alright, good! :)
Your (maybe) friend,

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Default Re: The Creature from my Dreams

i really should show dungeon world
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I heard you like Mudkips... well, I like Torchics!
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Default Re: The Creature from my Dreams

Good Idea!
Your (maybe) friend,

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That's it. Bacon. Beef. Double-Fried Tomato.
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Default Re: The Creature from my Dreams

all right let's give this a try

i'm thinking the half immortal
probably with the dagger
the portable hole(pink)
(not sure what for the third item)
i'm not sure what the stats should be based on or how they are achieved?
random dice rolls, point buy?

for flavor at least without going into to much detail i'm thinking kind of Zei the jeweler character form diablo III

he was kind of a thief, who stole a night with the moon obviously, he wouldn't be that good yet but that's my thoughts so far.

here's online version with some basic stuff like pathfinder srd
i'll try to figure out how to get a regular readable version somehow
anyway need to get sleep work day.
hope you enjoyed your shirts :)
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fantasy, roleplay

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