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Default The Ones Who Devour [Soul Eater RP]

Shinigami disappeared 5 years ago. He leaved no warning, no indication, he told noone, did nothing. That one day Shinigami just....disappeared, taking Spirit with him and Shibusen was silent. In that time, with Shibusen struggling to uphold the peace, crime has risen radically, the witches have reemerged and the people of Death City have been left helpless and scared, criminals and monsters roaming the streets, causing havoc, then, as if aware of the situation, The "Silent Assassins" awoke, these thin paper-like beings have risen in number and sent the world into a sense of fear, Shibusen have sent their own students but there are casualties everyday and only the most skilled and resepected weapons and technicians remain at Shibusen. In this time, Maka Albarn, Blackstar & Death the Kid (son of shinigami) have risen in command after their brave and successful battle with Demon god Asura. The 3 masterful technicians and their respective weapons are now the 3 mascots of the school and each are leader of their own "dorms" within the school. These are:

"Yuuki" Dorm- Dorm of Courage
Dorm Mascot: Maka Albarn
Weapon: Soul Evans the Scythe

"Mujou" Dorm- Dorm of Greatness
Dorm Mascot: Blackstar
Weapon: Tsubaki the Demon Blade

"Banzen" Dorm- Dorm of Perfection
Dorm Mascot: Death the Kid
Weapons: Liz & Patty Thompson the Thompson Gun Sisters

You have enrolled at the Shibusen and your teacher, Franken Stein, has passed you and it is your first day at Shibusen.
Sign-Up & Discussion thread is here

Spaces: [Weapon/s & one meister for 1 space]

We need at least 3 people to start the RP.
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