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Old 08-29-2011, 07:36 PM
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Default Some Gen IV requests

I'm forming a team on White, but have many Pokémon who need generation IV exclusive moves. I'd prefer them to be as low-leveled as possible, but I'll take what I can get. In exchange... well, the only main Pokémon games I have are Emerald and White. I suppose if you live in the Greater Vancouver area I could trade some Emerald Pokémon and items with you. I don't really have anything of worth in White, but I'd be willing to give you a few grass snakes. I could also give you a Pokémon you gave me, although that would be a bit pointless. Or anything in ASB :D

Timezone: Pacific with Daylight Savings (-7; PDT)

Friend Code: 0690-7556-4261

Adamant Vibrava: Roost. D/P/P/H/S TM 51.

Timid Gardevoir: Heal Bell: HG/SS Move tutor.

Impish Skarmory: This is a toughie. Chain breeding.
Breed male Pidgeotto with Whirlwind (lvl.17) and Female Spearow
Breed a male Spearow. Level up to level 37 with Roost and Drill Peck
Breed with Female Skarmory. Teach Stealth Rock (TM76)
Naive Salamence: Egg move: Dragon Dance; Outrage: Pt/H/S Move tutor; and Roost: D/P/P/H/S TM 51

Thank you in advance to anyone who decides to take part or all of this on!

I just noticed that I basically gave my entire team away o_O;

Originally Posted by Karkat Vantas View Post
[04/09/2011 18:39:20] Brotoad: oh my god lol
[04/09/2011 18:40:39] Karkat Vantas: it's the best
[04/09/2011 18:40:59] Karkat Vantas: "Mr. Cain, how d you intend to deal with opposition in the White House"
[04/09/2011 18:41:23] Karkat Vantas: "I will send all the Democrats to an island in the middle of nowhere, clone them, and make them fight their superior clones to the death"
[04/09/2011 18:41:41] Karkat Vantas: "But what if Barack Obama tries to stop the fighting?"
[04/09/2011 18:42:02] Karkat Vantas: "I will turn him to stone and hope he is not brought back to life by the tears of the American public"

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