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Default Anarchist's Gen 4 Shop

Welcome to my shop!
Currently: CLOSED

Player Information
Pokemon Diamond
IGN (In Game Name): JOE
Friend Code: 0305 1829 0919
*Please note that I will almost always use Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon HeartGold
IGN (In Game Name): Joe
Friend Code: 3524 4344 9313
*Please note that I will rarely use Pokemon HeartGold, and it may be restarted if someone asks for legendaries found in that game

More information

I can do the following:
-Trade any pokemon except several that I only have one of
-Level pokemon up
-Competitively train an already trained pokemon
-Raise new competitive pokemon and trade them
-Trade specific items

List of pokemon I cannot provide:
These particular pokemon are impossible for me to provide because I do not have games that I can restart to reobtain them.
Some legendary pokemon can take a while to get mainly because I have to play through an entire game to get them (Ho-oh, Lugia, Giratina, ect).
Any pokemon that can be found in generation three games, particularly legendaries, will likely be obtained through the cloning glitch. It is up to you weather you want pokemon obtained through this method or not.

My policy for items:
I can provide practically any item in the game; some just take longer than others. For example, items like Life Orbs may take about 2 weeks; I have to play through most of the game to get them. 4th generation TMs might also take a while, even if they can be purchased in the Battle Frontier. For example, ones like Stone Edge cost a ton, and ones like Energy Ball require me to play through the game again.
Items like Master Balls, Rare Candies, and other good items found in generation 3 are easy for me to get, but at the same time, they are obtained using the cloning glitch. While this isn't using a cheating device, some people consider this "not legit". It's up to you to decide weather you want an item obtained through the cloning glitch.

My policy for leveling pokemon up:
I can level pokemon up very quickly. I have raised pokemon from level 1 to 50 within hours before. However, once it gets above 50, they are obviously much more difficult to level up. Because of this, it can take me a while to level pokemon up to 100.

Competitively training an already trained pokemon:
This is a particularly difficult task, and can take a while. While I cannot promise that the pokemon will outdo other competitively trained pokemon (most not competitive pokemon have bad IVs), I can promise you that they will perform much better in battle.

Raising a new competitive pokemon:
I can promise you that I will make a pokemon at its full potential; I have been competitively battling for years. Competitive legends cost considerably more than other pokemon, and pokemon in the list of pokemon I cannot provide, obviously, cannot be provided.

Application Forms

Friend Code: 
Pokemon Requested:
More info (level, moves, ect.):
Pokemon in return:
Please note that this form is not to be used for people who want pokemon to be competitively trained, and movesets cannot be filled with TMs.

Leveling pokemon up
Friend Code: 
Current Level: 
Requested Level:
More info (Moves, ect.):
Pokemon in return:
Item Trade 
Friend Code: 
Pokemon in return:
Competitively training an already trained pokemon
Friend Code: 
Wanted EV spread (optional): 
Wanted moves (optional): 
Pokemon in return:
Please note that if you do not specify the optional parts, I will do them on my own.

Competitive Pokemon
Friend Code: 
Nature, EV spread, ect. (optional): 
Item (optional):
Please note that if you do not specify the optional parts, I will do them on my own. Also, I DO NOT play around with IVs to get specific Hidden Power types; it is way too time consuming.


Here's the tricky part. Since I no longer collect (I completed the pokedex) and I no longer need high-leveled pokemon (I have a bunch), I ask for pokemon with certain natures as payment. Natures are useful for competitive play, and since most of these pokemon will be used for competitive purpose, they should be untrained and have decent IVs. If they are trained, they have to be completely EV trained (I don't want unfinished projects).
Also, if a listed pokemon has a "*" next to it, that means that it will be used for contests, and does not need to be untrained or have good IVs.

The following pokemon will be accepted:
Bulbasaur (Calm)
Sandshrew (Careful)
Nidoran♂ (Timid)
Zubat (Jolly)
Mankey (Adamant)
Poliwag (Jolly)
Machop (Adamant)
Bellsprout (Modest)
Ponyta (Jolly)
Slowpoke (Bold)
Farfetch'd (Adamant + Good IVs)
Doduo (Jolly)
Shellder (Adamant)
Krabby (Adamant)
Voltorb (Naive)
Exeggute (Modest)
Cubone (Jolly)
More to be added later.
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