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Old 01-09-2011, 10:45 PM
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Default [Offering] 2 B/W Shinies

Up for trade: Two legit (one is for certain, the other has a slim possibility of being illegitimate) shinies from an EMULATED Japanese White version. (I can trade over Wifi, I have an R4. Not giving out my friend code until someone is interested, because I don't know how to get it. :T )

The Pokemon are Meerhog (definitely legit, caught it myself) and Kumasyun (recieved off the GTS, possibility of being illegit but looks fine to me - caveat emptor)

Here's what information I could garner without knowing moonspeak:

Male, Impish nature.
Level 28, caught in a Great Ball.
Location: ネジゃま (Google translated as "Yama Thread")
HP: 76
Atk: 51
Def: 35
SpAtk: 36
Speed: 30

Male, Relaxed Nature
Nickname: Snake (can be re-named)
Level 25, caught in a Dusk (?) Ball.
Location: Route 2
HP: 66
Atk: 54
Defense: 49
Special Attack: 41
Special Defense: 40
Speed: 43

At this point I'm only looking to accept other shinies for these guys. My wish list is as follows (all stages work, just listing first stages):


Even if you don't have anything on the wishlist, feel free to offer up any shiny.
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