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Old 05-14-2019, 10:38 AM
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Default mewtini vs superbird

Format: 3 vs 3
Style: set
DQ: 2 weeks
Damage Cap: none (can be added, but since each pokemon is out for such a short time, and the winner is calculated by total score, it seems redundant)
Banned/Restricted Moves: ohkos, attract, super fang, anything the battlers want added
Arena Description: The battle takes place right outside the Battle Frontier's Battle Arena facility, out in the open air. The immediate area is covered in nicely manicured grass and a few flowers. The Arena building itself is surrounded on three sides by water and a small pond sits on the other side of the battlers, so water moves can be used and Water-types that need to swim can do so. The battlers cannot move away from the immediate area, so heading towards the plaza or another facility is forbidden. Maps of the general area can be found on this page.

Since this match is happening so close to the Arena, it seems such a shame not to follow Greta's rules... or, at least, a variation on them. As such, both battlers will send out their Pokémon and attack for three battle rounds (a total of 9 attacks per Pokémon) before the ref calls a halt. After the three rounds both Pokémon are recalled and unable to continue in the current battle, and their current health, energy and status are noted for later. Both trainers will then send out their next Pokémon and continue for the next three rounds. At the end (which should be nine total rounds), the health and energy of all Pokémon is totaled and whichever trainer has the highest score wins.

Additional Rules: -If a Pokémon has fainted, either due to HP loss OR energy loss, the battle stops right where it is (even if it has not yet been three rounds) and both Pokémon are recalled. Fainted Pokémon DO still count toward the final score, but as either their health or their energy is at 0% they won't add anywhere near as much.

-If, at the end of the three rounds, a battler is afflicted with a status condition, that condition detracts from their final score as follows:

Paralyzed, Burned, Confused: -10 points
Poisoned, Attracted: -15 points
Asleep, Frozen: -20 points
If the Pokémon has more than one status condition, only the first one they were afflicted with detracts full points; all others afterwards only detract five, no matter what they are.

As an example of how scoring works: Trainer A sends out a Treecko and Trainer B sends out a Turtwig. Treecko and Turtwig battle for three rounds; Treecko finishes with 64% HP and 72% energy and Turtwig finishes with 71% HP and 59% energy. Treecko has also been poisoned by Toxic. Both Pokémon stop battling and so their scores would look like this: Turtwig (71H + 59E = 130), Treecko (64H + 72E – 15 [poison] = 121). Therefore, Trainer B (Turtwig's trainer) would have the lead with 130 points over 121.

As far as TCoDASB battles are concerned, experience is determined like this: all Pokémon get the usual 1 experience point for being sent into battle, and if one Pokémon actually knocks another out it will get the 1 experience point as normal. If neither Pokémon faints at the end of three rounds, the one with the lower score (Treecko in the above example) is considered knocked out for the purposes of experience, so Turtwig would get the extra 1 exp.
Superbird's active squad:
togetic Jonathan m <serene grace> @shiny stone
galvantula Eldarach m <compound eyes> @metronome
jellicent Quabbel m <cursed body> @leftovers
houndoom Deru f <flash fire> @sachet
poochyena Amaterasu f <quick feet> @expert belt
rufflet Megabird m <sheer force> @lucky egg
chesnaught Bill m <bulletproof> @shell bell
snorunt Leland m <moody> @leftovers
fomantis Liiri f <contrary> @lansat berry
mareanie Corie f <merciless> @toxic plate

mewtini's active squad:
pichu Elektrizität f <static> @soothe bell
servine Mintleaf f <overgrow>
joltik Bachuru f <compound eyes>
taillow Swift f <guts>
scyther Snaith m <technician>
ninetales Blazaria f <flash fire>
gothita Avril f <frisk>
shinx Eelektroidia f <intimidate>
gastly Fantomé l'Opera m <levitate>

Superbird sends out first, mewtini sends out + commands, Superbird commands. >:3c let's have fun y'all (also feel free to nudge me if i fuck somethin up, i'm rusty yo)
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Old 05-14-2019, 11:45 AM
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Default Re: mewtini vs superbird


Lessee, I think the ideal tactical option here is to lead with my most versatile mon and then steal switch priority next round. That in mind, Amaterasu, you're up!

(reminder that Amaterasu has a signature attribute I'll be relying on)
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Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
[23:36:02] ConcertofMadness: Shrekt
ConcertofMadness was muted by BoTTT Junior for 7 minutes. (Contained banned phrase)
[23:36:15] +Chuppa Cross: oh dingram
[23:36:20] +Chuppa Cross: can we ban rekt too
[23:36:25] @dingram: but i use rekt :(
[23:36:32] +Chuppa Cross: you shouldn't :(
[23:36:52] +Chuppa Cross: you cant ban shrekt and then still use rekt lol
Chuppa Cross was muted by BoTTT Junior for 7 minutes. (Contained banned phrase)
[23:37:00] Superbird: #REKT
[23:37:01] @dingram: noobs getting muted
[23:37:02] NeuroRapter: lmao
[23:37:03] @dingram: get rekt
[23:37:06] stealthfox2: lol
ConcertofMadness was unmuted by dingram.
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[23:37:13] ConcertofMadness: Freedom
[23:37:18] +Chuppa Cross: i walked into that
[23:37:20] paintcanz: chuppa was muted?
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Actually the best match ever
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