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  • I live with my mom.

    Don't ask me creepy questions like that one...

    (sorry, having difficult times with a friend of mine and stuff and well...yeah, i dun wanna think about what you may of had in mind there :<)
    Can you not mension bullies around me at all? thnx.

    I'm 22.

    I don't go to school.

    I'm on medication for depression cuz i'm an aspie and haven't seen a lot of the world...and well. I rather not get into it.

    Yeah never talk about bullies around me. Period. (or mension the idea of such. if this is too much of a task, don't talk to me, cuz this is a major issue for me....thnx.....)
    Do you like yugioh? the anime is pretty epic XD

    One of my favorite yu-gi-oh! cards is Magician of Faith, I think. I made a blingee of her once, she looks cool :)
    Hmn, I found myself becoming kinda good with Ness with little practicing with him. Does this count?

    I'm pretty good with Jigglypuff! :3 Mewtwo, not so much~xP His attacks feel kinda....hard to pull off for me xD;

    Magic cards always looked kinda.... gloomy to me. I prefer Yu-Gi-Oh!, a bit more upbeat looking~=P
    Adventure, maybe normal mode. Classic? Very hard. ;) All Star? Hard, I think (as Kirby).

    Good with them ALL? That is yummy. Super yummy. :3 I wonder how many times you beat all star mode on very hard now....^______^

    I seem to be getting better with Princess Peach now. I love her choice in weaponry, frying pans and a golf club. XD Hallerious lol
    Hmmn. Whats your favorite pokemon? Mine's Jirachi! :D

    Well uhhh what cartoons and anime do you like too lol. And games.

    Hi! :) I don't login much anymore (or, at least, i've been rather inactive for awile) though but we can still be friends, if you like ^_^
    I made Espeon higher ranking because it looks more like an alien.

    My animation does suck. I can hardly do it. I try, though. I'm still working the kinks out. Of everything.
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