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Arylett Charnoa

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  • I actually never intended Psy to go through as much as he already has. I wanted him to be more upbeat than he is right now, but oh well. Things never quite go the way you expected in a roleplay.(...all I have to say to that is what the flying fuck, that girl really got screwed over.) Grr, spoilers! Why must you taunt me with them?! :P. And I'm thinking about giving Psy a signature move after he evolves for the last time(which is VERY soon!), but first I have a question: The Pokedex states that Gardevoir's can create miniature black holes, so would Psy be able to do that naturally when he becomes one or would I need to make his signature move that so he could do it? And I think that he might just be in love with her, though he doesn't quite realize it. It would carry some ramifications for him to realize it, though, due to the 12 year age gap between them(Psy is 15, Anna is 27) and the fact that Anna is a lesbian.

    Agreed. What about Saïx? I think Mankey/Primeape would fit him just fine due to them being known for their rage.
    Read the summary. I'll just look for a better opportunity to jump back in. MUST MAKE HAILEY CONFESS HER LOVE
    It seems like our characters in general go through a lot, eh? Even Matthew has also gone through a lot in his backstory, even if he can't remember any of it. And yeah, having all of your characters passed out would be disastrous. Arylett's tiredness threshold, in my mind, would probably be at about the level of some of the strongest non-legendary pokemon, due to the Humanizer boosting up her power. And ah, I'll have to read through all of the things that you kept. And wow, I just realized that I have had Psy pass out twice now after doing a rage-filled all-out attack at something, both times being triggered by Anna being injured.

    *shrug* I'll decide that when I can finally evolve him. And it's kind of ironic that ASB moves so slowly here, yet this forum gives arguably the best support for it. He could be a Cloyster, due to the shooting moves it learns, but that doesn't seem all that likely either.
    I am indeed interested to know that, as Psy will be awaking soon(no he's not going to be magically at full strength;more like he'll be awake, but unable to do much more than sit up without overexerting himself). And I'm going to try and post more now, too, since I never did go on that vacation.

    Isn't a Pikachu much bigger than a Emolga anyways? *shrug* Whatever, it'll take a long time for my Pichu to become either of them anyways. And although Octillery does have a lot of shooting attacks, Xigbar doesn't really seem to be some kind of octopus thing to me.

    What you talking about. It clearly says Atnura in my post! :P

    I'll try, then. Is there a summary or something I should look at?
    I give you permission! But I cannn'ttt without my posts being short and unsatisfying. I just cannn'ttt bear that.
    If ypu miracuslously haven't removed me from Sanctic, can you do something with my characters and make Hailey confess her love to Emile?
    It's alright. And I probably am blinded by the fact that it was my first RP, but I still stand by my opinion that I think it is pretty good. And no EXP system is just fine by me, like I said in the thread.

    Yeah, which is why I was EXTREMELY happy when they buffed up tackle in 5th gen to have 100 accuracy.

    *Shrug* I see where your going with the colors, but to me Raichu fits Roxas much better. And Ventus is one of the characters in BBS, right? If so, then I don't know if that is true or not. And the only Pokemon that would truly be able to emulate Xemnas, in my opinion, would be Mewtwo, and it's obviously not possible to get that in ASB. Of course, I could be forgetting about a non-legendary or two that would fit him, but I don't think I am.
    Seeing as the Roleplay is sort of inactive, I'm wondering if you could just PM/VM me on whether or not Anna is alive or dead. Just so Sayne can move on from standing over her possible corpse and react to certain words...
    Arylett, just a quick question about your Santic RP. It's about secondary characters. I noticed that the level is specific to the player, not to the character, which could lead to problems. For example, I'm on level three-if I were to start a new character as a Caterpie, well, he could evolve-Twice!-in his first post. I'm not sure if you think of this as a problem, but I'm just dragging it to your attention.
    Yeah, I didn't notice that. I just saw the F and went "Wait, wut."

    Aww. I definitely don't want it to die, which is partly fueled by it being the first RP I've been in and partially fueled by the fact that it really is quite good. If it can just survive a couple more weeks for some people to get back, then I am sure it will get back into full swing. If it does die, though, you could always attempt to bring it back later on like Storm did with DotP.

    In Nuzlockes, it definitely makes sure to make tackle miss EXACTLY when you need it to hit in order to make sure your poke survives the battle.

    Good point! Although Pikachu are also slightly hyperactive, so maybe Raichu would be more suitable for Roxas since it seems by then all of the hyperactiveness is gone. And oh yeah, right. For some reason I always think there is more female members besides Larxene in there. But yeah, plus his personality matches the way a Glalie looks as well.

    Indeed it shall.
    Just a comment, but you put on the front of RSP that Leo is female. He's a guy :P
    Hmm, I guess. And the post I put isn't too good, only good enough to catch up with Matthew. And that would be a good thing for the RP to get a new dose of life, just not for me trying to catch up XD.

    Don't forget tackle supposedly having 95 accuracy, but in reality having 70-80 accuracy!

    Good point. Maybe a Pachirisu, slightly recolored with some darker hues? And yeah, she's a tough one. I'll probably not put her on there. Maybe I'll have the ice member of Organization XIII and make 'em a Glalie/Frosslass(can't remember either who it is or whether it's a he or she.)

    Alright. I should have it ready by tomorrow to show you.
    It's started to happen to me whether I love the show/game a lot or if I only feel lukewarm about it =/. And my last post just basically says that Matthew is now hiding in the forest, listening in to the group, while Psy is stuck reliving his memories while he's passed out. And with my luck, there will be 50-60 replies to catch up with minimum!

    It hates everybody, but especially a few people for some reason. Oh yeah, let's not forget: "If a move's accuracy is not 100, it will always miss for you and always hit for the opponent. Case in point: Lenora's Watchog and it's troll hypnosis")

    That....actually makes sense, now that I think about it. And I conveniently have a Pichu already! And Arcanine sounds right for him. Hmm, what about Namine and Roxas? I'm thinking something a little darker for some reason for Roxas, although not quite as dark as Riku.

    :O. You sure? I mean, I'm thrilled and I'm filling it out right now, but I just want to make sure.
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