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  • I always like to try to get the most information content out of the chart possible, though - if literally the only thing I'm doing with the cells is turning them on/off, then it might as well just be a tool that outputs lists and the presentation of a chart only makes it worse. I really want to make each cell in the chart actually show something meaningful.

    I was thinking perhaps something like allowing you to specify any number of "criteria", each being some statement about the defensive multiplier when attacked by some particular type, and the chart shows for each combination how many of your criteria are satisfied - a bit more information that better makes use of the chart format but also makes it easy to see just the ones that satisfy every criterion thanks to the color coding.

    I'm not sure including information about particular Pokémon is within the scope of the type chart, though; it seems to complicate things and try to force it to be something it isn't. The tool is about type relations, not about particular Pokémon; one would be better off with a better, specialized tool if the point is to find particular Pokémon that fit certain criteria, not a type chart.

    However, given the chart does (optionally) include the distinction between type combinations that exist and those that don't, it does make sense to list all existing Pokémon of a particular type combination when you hover over (or click) one. And having abilities in there as a general thing - like, you can check a "Levitate" box and it'll pretend every type is immune to Ground - could be a good idea.

    Thanks for the feedback! Your suggestions are always interesting and give me good ideas even if I don't think they work exactly as stated.
    Hmm. That would be useful. I'd have to figure out a good way to represent that in the chart, though.
    Im glad those ID-theft-tough-shit-wannabe-MLG-hacker guys are gone. People like them deserve no sympathy.
    hopeandjoy wasn't directing that second bit at you; it was an aside of sorts.
    Good, I'm trying to get to know everyone here. You know, like seeing who's good and who's bad and what the chain of command is.
    Ahh, alright lol, glad to see you have in under control.

    My X got lost in the move we had recently, so I had to start from scratch with Omega Ruby lol. It took months, but I think I'm at where I was before
    GUESS WHO WAS SPAMMING MY ERROR REPORT FORM WITH "KILL YOURSELF" and "You are a worthless, pathetic, inbred, cunt" and "Are you getting angry yet, annoyed prehaps? Good, I hope you are... it's the very least I can do after the way you've fucking treated not only me but a rather large portion of your "fanbase"" and "You're the fucking problem here, not me."
    Yeah, there are a lot of great stories about women that predate feminism. In part I think modern marketing sensibilities are responsible for the situation being in some ways poorer these days; I've read accounts from people who have taken Hollywood screenwriting classes today who say that they were expressly told not to include conversations between women, for example, on the basis of a conviction that the audience will lose interest if they have to listen to women talking about woman things, and thus to make a marketable movie (that's not a "chick flick") you have to actively avoid passing the Bechdel test.
    Wait what? How did you get that idea? :S The most Italian I know is "Allegro" and "Vivace" and things like that from music, but don't you dare get me to try using them in a coherent sentence. :'D It's cool that you do Italian as part of your university degree, though! I wish I'd done more languages. :(
    I don't even think he really is. He's just trying really hard to adopt the lingo of the place to convince them I'm somebody they'd want to target.
    It was a community effort. I'm pretty sure it was Furret who originally thought it would be hilarious if we had an ED page, and then other members joined in, writing sections about themselves. Nidokingu wrote the parts about me.

    Then ED mods noticed some forum was using ED for some sort of in-joke and they spammed my error report form for a couple of days.
    I Googled it and found this, which is presumably what these anons were referring to (and is incredibly obviously FlygonTheGreat, oh my god). I like how nobody at all took the bait.
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