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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn n cái thời kỳ thiếu niên mà mãi cho đến bây giờ vẫn không có bất luận kẻ nào biết đến kia, không khỏi cảm thấy có chút buồn bực. Hai hàng lông mày lá liễu bị những cơn gió to trên sân bay quân sự Trường Phong thổi quét, có chút mềm mại lay nhẹ.

    Đám đội viên của Tiểu đội 7 cũng không có leo lên chiếc xe quân dụng do căn cứ sắp đặt đưa đi, mà túm tụm lại một chỗ bàn luận xôn xao.

    Đám lão binh thì mang đậm phong cách táo bạo vốn có của Tiểu đội 7, còn đám tân binh thì tràn ngập nét phong tình từ thời còn là đội viên của đơn bị quân sự 8384 truyền thuyết, biểu tình tản mạ
    Well, not always. Sometimes "guy" is very much a masculine word! Preferably, when you use it as a gender-neutral word, it should be in the plural... For example: "I like you guys". In this case it could refer to both men and women.
    I'm EeveeSkittty, not SkittyEevee. Oh and I only joined this year May or so but I suppose Music Dragon came WAYYYYY before I started giving out cat plushies which was after the forum crash.
    Thanks for the offer. That's very kind of you! Still, I'm not a huge fan of... sprites and plushies and... all that.
    Yeah, sure.
    About my programs that I have, I have them all compressed into a RAR file to make it all smaller and you'll need winrar to unzip them. If you don't have it, tell me and I'll send you the link so you can download it if you want.
    Yay! Its jsut i've seen a few of your posts and you look very friendly! ^.^
    O my god, the cat plushie is so CUTE :D I love it so much even if I'm supposed to be giving it to you. You are really good at scratching~
    Yes, I'm seriously hacking something (LG) and it's not that hard to do if you try. Mapping's easy and you don't need to sprite unless your adding new pokemon and stuff. The only challenging bit is learning to script (making the people say stuff) and once you get the basics it easy. If you learned how, you could make your evil versions yourself. If you're interesting in trying I'll give you the programs you need and links to the sites where I learned.
    Right. Right, I see. Once again, I am the victim. The world is indeed cruel.

    You know, you make me sick. You make me want to die. You make me want to cut myself with a razor, while lying in a bathtub full of water that used to be hot but has now become lukewarm, watching as my own blood envelops my body like a coiling crimson miasma.

    Oh, now look what you've done...! I'm all worked up.

    Does (S)he change gender alot?

    I've been warned of that...

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