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Black Yoshi
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  • .....................

    I actually meant "asscheeks"
    I should've specified to the end of her spine, I suppose

    Thankies. The avatar is from a random Fanon Super Saiyan transformation on a DBZ fan fiction site I frequent. And the profile pic is from a random dA.
    *nod nod*
    I think I might request soon. :3
    Is a bloody family, and my best excuse to have a character with a Pokemon...
    No problem, I'm getting a lot of questions from other people as well~ It's good that everyone's so interested, I guess?

    I'm just afraid that at some point I'll stop making any sort of sense and reveal myself to be an utter failure or something.
    If you're playing a human, then generally you're part of the expedition or there for Political Reasons or something of the sort. As a Pokemon... if you're not a sleeper, you could just live there or have taken shelter recently or something.
    My headcanon was a bit smaller than actual CDs, but not absolutely tiny. I don't think they're ever shown to be a specific size?
    The TM Drivers are Metalos' nifty invention, and... basically just copypasta from the last incarnation of the RP. Original, I am not. The designs can be customized, though custom Drivers are rare since, you know, gotta pay for that. I suppose one that's been tampered with to the extreme could be something different than shoulder-mounted, but... it'd possibly be more fragile or get in the way of movement as a drawback.

    Acceptable age range is... well, 12 and up for humans. Pokemon ages are a little more confusing but generally mid-teens and up would be nice.
    Actually, you reminded me that I should... really make move limits and stuff a little clearer.

    What do you think of the factions and italicized intro-text and stuff? I need criiiiit.

    Take your time on it, think it over. I'm going to be shooting off a vague plot... trigger thing so whatever you choose, I expect some detail. >:D Humans tend to be a lot less common than Pokemon, but feel free to make either. If anything, I'll try my hand at NPCing some random, unfortunate souls.
    That's really cool.

    Except one thing which isn't included because I completely forgot to mention it in my description of him apparently.

    He's supposed to have a moustache. A pretty big one at that.

    And mutton chops.

    Could I ask you to add that if it's not too much trouble?
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