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Black Yoshi
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  • Why me? I'm just a lurker. o_o

    Well, it depends on your concepts! If you have a happy character, their powers should either match or maybe contrast for some sort of conflict. If their powers are opposite their beliefs or ideology - a pacifist with an offensive power, or a fighter who can only heal or do support-stuff - that can provide some fun development. But it's true that the Shade would possibly fit with a character that's more dark or unstable.

    My advice would be think both of them over, see how much you can flesh out on both concepts. Also, a good idea would be to wait until Amityville does show up, and check the main tone of the game. So basically, dither indecisively until the last minute, and see if at that moment either of them is more fitting.

    I know, my advice kind of sucks.
    I don't exactly feel like hearing much of anything from anyone that isn't my confirmed friend at the moment, thanks. I'm not in the mood. Maybe later.
    Run, Yoshi, run like the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind
    ... Or Forrest Gump but you get the picture
    Well, he's hurting my new friend!


    I guess I'll have to firebend him.
    Kuchiki. :P

    So like, what is the situation anyways? Do I just run and follow you? What? Cause you guys sort of trapped me for my, ah... very hot mistake.
    Though I don't actually think Ted will appear in a second iteration of Amityville, if I am to be honest.

    Most of the characters I used in the first iteration was made up on a whim, and Ted was one of them. He was certainly more interesting than the rest of the cast, but he still isn't as developed as a lot of my characters who I'll be using for the second iteration. If he shows up he'll be a major antagonist at best.

    On that note, did you ever do my request on the character materialization thread or did you just drop all of that?
    Were you? Awesome. >:D

    Yeah. It's just... sad. I want things to happen, damn it. And I suppose the only way to ensure that is to... flood the forum with RPs until people get going again? Or just wait until everyone explodes with inspiration. Hopefully our influx of newbies dwindles, the ones just arrived settle in, gain some experience and start RPs themselves - that's usually a good source of activity.
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