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  • Funny you mentioned that—Artemis Fowl asked me about one a few days ago.

    I'm currently working on one, truth be told.
    Ahaha. I see what you did there.

    Goshdarnit we need some more active RPs
    Speaking of which I better go check A:CC because I meant to reply to that
    I also spent three hours yesterday rereading every RP I had joined since the forum crash. It was... fun and nostalgic but also made me wish I wasn't such an obnoxious person three years ago.

    Still. Makes me wish we had more active RPs going on.
    Oh Godammit you.

    Now I want to do it but I already have an RP going and aaaaa.

    I may just do it after I've got my current one up and going.
    What, really? XD

    I admit, she was fun to play. I occasionally go looking for Gifted school type forums where I can play her again, so she's a little more fleshed out now....
    I.. Can't.. Add pictures ;(

    I have a shop where I'll make them for you here. It's got the forms and stuff and gaah now I'm advertising have a free one to make up for that.
    Eh, I don't want her to kill someone. That'd be bad. I mean, the other elements you can bend against someone without you know... burning them. You fire bend, you might have to kill someone... which is why I had her bend so high in the air before.

    I might just have her jet. Literally.
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