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  • Yup, I removed all stop words from the corpus--things like "the," "and," "of," what have you.

    Anyway, I got carried away and spent altogether too much time playing with this. I fixed the frequency-only problem, made a bunch more maps, and chattered about them a bit here.
    I made a QftL word cloud!

    You can see "pain" in the upper-right corner there.

    I did one for Morphic as well:


    Unfortunately because of the way the data was processed, these are just raw word frequency counts, which is why you have "workhorse" words like "wasn't," "can," and so on making up a lot of the data. I think you can still see some interesting things in them, though, especially if you compare the two images.

    As a note, I had to strip "pokémon" out of the QftL one because otherwise it completely crushed all the other words and made them really difficult to see. I also removed all character names (that I spotted; there are probably some more minor ones I missed floating around in there) because, again, they'd show up a ton otherwise.
    I don't know if you've noticed this already, but I figured I'd point out that the favicon reverted to the default.
    You don't still have that Yellow save file anymore, do you? Regardless you need to figure out the glitched Jolteon
    I wasn't sure why Duane was back in the khert considering he like fell out of it a few pages ago

    (Unrelated: You have to - this is a Life Requirement - put "Oh hi, Mark" somewhere in TQftL)
    Haha, well, if you ever do find the time to pick it up, I think you'll enjoy it. It's about bunnies and trauma! I was just thinking of re-reading it myself.
    Yep! I'm not really sure if I was seeing the right version before since I can't do a hard refresh here, but it works now.
    I was gonna ask this on your tumblr but you turned off anon asks alas
    i'm sad now i never created any fake legendaries that were stupid and awesome. my fakemon were Pikacolor, which was a Pikachu that had Color Change and when it changed type it would automatically replace its moveset with stuff that was STAB (and only STAB because that was totally the way to go when I was 10, screw type coverage). There was also Pikaswing which was a Pikachu that rode around on a swing and it evolved into Pikaslide which apparently transported a slide around I guess.
    From this point on, FlygonTheGreat is over. I will continue our no contact rule as per your request until you state otherwise, there is no changing the past but I will do my best to make the future better.

    I will not be returning to TCoD unless you state otherwise, I respect your wishes and will follow through with them.

    I enjoyed my time on this forum, even though it may not seem that way at times. It has been fun and I will miss you people, maybe some day in the future hopefully things will change and we can speak to eachother again. Until that day, I bid you a peaceful farewell and wish you the best of luck. :)

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