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    ...you can pretty much blame Viki for it, haha! I've only played through I and II, though. (But Viki does pretty much infodump every other game on me, usually while playing through them - and I will have bits and pieces quoted to me, haha!)

    Luc and Yuber can and do teleport themselves all over the place in I and II (and occasionally in III, but I guess they prefer letting Sarah do all of the work for everything), so they probably don't actually care. ... Albert probably had silent invisible freakout a few times, though. Not that anyone can tell. It's probably the difference between him going >:| and >:| (it's bolded because his eyebrows are that big).

    Actually I know the SuikoV group all freaks out when Viki teleports them the first time ... not least because she's then like "Oh, good! You still have all your body parts! I was worried." I sort of wonder how many people she's accidentally killed that way.

    Well, his first name's Freed and his last name's Yamamoto and sometimes he gets called by his first name and last initial. Maybe because Freed is a fucking terrible name.

    I sort of wish Jowy was a girl, but I don't think the setting as it is would've worked if he was. Harmonia (and Highland by extension) seems to have pretty terrible gender roles. And I'm not sure offhand whether this is novel or drama cd or both canon, but the whole reason it's Riou and Jowy in the Unicorn Brigade instead of Nanami is that Highland doesn't want girls in its army.

    Speaking of which! Have you ever noticed that half of the random soldier mooks in SuikoI wear skirts? Cleo and Sonya aren't outliers. :Db
    I was considering using him! But I already had my pure mage party slots reserved for Viki and Nei. I might use him when I play as Geddoe....

    IT'S HER FAULT. SARAH'S THE REASON PALE GATE ORBS ARE SO RARE. SHE HAS TURNED THEM ALL INTO SCROLLS. CURSE YOU, SARAH!! Presumably she keeps them in her inventory and just uses them from there since she doesn't have that much in the way of item slots.

    HEY. Freed has one good line. It's the only thing besides Sanae that justifies his existence, but at least it's a good line.

    Yeah, that's the blog I found that Luc on. I really like that Sasarai figure! The Luc and Sagiri and Ted suck, though, yeah. Luc's face is all wrong; he'd otherwise be neat, too.

    Oh gods that Jowy. The more I look at it, the worse it gets. Relatedly, Jowy with his hair down looks like Teresa.
    I usually use whoever I like, or whoever I think is thematically appropriate (part of why I wanted Sasarai in my final battle team), and if I'm having trouble, I add in whoever's good I like. But I try for thematically appropriate a lot (or entertaining in that nobody notices Tir or Lazlo in your party in II and Rhapsodia), so I'll do things like have Camus and Miklotov with me while going back to Rockaxe.

    Hey, Rody's got three rune slots, decent magic, and Precision. He's basically the only character who can use fire productively in III. AND he's funny. HOW CAN THIS GO WRONG. He's totally lolwut but he actually has something unique he can do. Well, not quite unique: Sarah has high magic, quite usable fire skill, and Precision, but you don't exactly get to use her for long, and also the entire time she's in my party I keep going SARAH WHY DO YOU HAVE AN S IN PALE GATE AND A FLOWING RUNE PERMANENTLY ATTACHED TO YOUR FOREHEAD. WHAT GOOD IS YOUR PALE GATE SKILL. HOW DID YOU KEEP CASTING PALE PALACE AT ME. ARE YOU COLLECTING ALL THE PALE GATE ORBS IN THE WORLD AND TURNING THEM INTO SCROLLS.

    Maybe she likes laughing at him. Or maybe he's okay in bed??? Fuck if I know. BAD TASTE, YOSHINO, EVEN IF YOU DID GET SANAE OUT OF IT.

    I'll look for figurines at some point. But really the one I know of that I want is this Luc plushie. It cracks me up.
    Well, yeah. So's Nei. But I tend to do badly against final bosses, and I like Emily. I also like Richard in V! Who is also incredibly overpowered. I have no problems with using overpowered characters as long as they're likeable. ... so out of the overpowered characters I can think of, I refuse to use Killey or Sheena.

    I dunno!

    I like Yoshino and Sanae :3 Meanwhile Freed's only redeeming quality is that he wants to know where the bathroom is.

    Eeee, Geddoe figurine. Super jealous!
    Thomas has the highest Skill stat in the game. His only other non-boring stat is Luck, which is a bit above average but not, like, Viki good. Just pretty good. But given that his Luck's definitely usable and his Skill is amazing, he's going to crit all the time. Sadly, he only gets two rune slots, but that's still enough for Killer and either Fury or Warrior. I think Fury'd be more effective and also I have no clue where to get warrior orbs. (I know you can get fury orbs from Copper Suns in the Ancient Highway during Hugo 3; I didn't pick up any but they're there. I don't know if they're anywhere else in the game, though, so if you didn't get any you are fucked.) So yes, actually, even though most of his stats aren't interesting and iirc his Swing is the only one of his skills that's any good (conveniently, Swing's also most important ...), he's probably mid to upper tier. Nowhere near as good as, say, Emily, but not bad at all.

    My final battle team was Chris / Nei / Hugo / Geddoe / Emily / big Viki. I'd wanted to use Sasarai, but Nei is probably the best character in the game, and while I'd've liked to use him over Hugo, Hugo is way more useful while Geddoe's throwing Hammer of Raijin than Sasarai would be, and if Viki is at all decent, I do like using her. Which basically means Viki's in my standard II and III lineups and I use her once in a blue moon in IV and V but she's just ... not any good there .... Too slow to be any good in IV (and also has Luck only slightly better than Snowe's and Luck is the most important stat in the series) and she can't use Magic Absorb in V.

    It's kind of funny that Viki reliably either has incredibly high Luck (II and III) or incredibly low Luck (IV). I don't know her stat growth in V offhand.

    I'm friends with opaltiger and his mum currently lives in Japan! He can't speak any Japanese, though. But still!! That totally counts as friends in Japan.

    I haven't actually used Yoshino outside of the fight with Luca. Is she much good? I'm sure she's more useful than Freed, but everyone is more useful than Freed.
    I liked Thomas's segments, but mostly because of Cecile. Chris and Cecile were probably my favourite major characters in III. Oh, and Queen, Geddoe, and Aila. And Lucia, though she's more supporting than major. But Cecile. Cecile is so badass. And she has the highest strength growth! She and Snowe can be 'unlikely powerhouse' bffs. Maybe Richard and Cathari, too, but they at least have story reasons for their stat growth sort of.

    Haaaah, yeah. I'm vaguely considering volunteering but my Japanese isn't that good.

    http://www.legacyofsuikoden.com/gallery/index.php?/category/22 Don't forget to look through the artbook scans!
    It's okay; I don't really expect anyone else to hold as many worldbuilding details as I and also I've played through the entire series excluding Tierkreis and the GBA Card Stories between, eh, last April and now. (I'd already played through I around a dozen times, and I'd played the first ten hours of IV and V before then, but I hadn't gone through the whole series before.)

    Chris FC is where it's at :Db If Thomas is still in charge of Budehuc, he'd do the best he could to keep the fighting down, but er. Probably what would just happen is everyone fights AROUND his castle and they all just carefully avoid Budehuc itself.

    I have no clue how Geddoe FC goes :B Oh, have you seen my conversation with Espeon? I find it interesting that Luc informs Chris that he's a clone but he doesn't tell Hugo if he's the FC. Hugo doesn't ask the right questions, I guess. I'm going to play through Geddoe ending and write down most of the plot text once it's been a bit since I played through III. I might go for it this weekend, actually.

    Have you seen the Suikogaiden translation project? They've got a decent amount done, and also http://suikogaiden.wikispaces.com/S2-3-full they have the scripts for games. (That one's the chapter with either Futch and Humphrey or the adventures of Viki.) If you want, I can try translating isolated bits if you know the basic idea of what happens or can at least read character names.

    I'm intrigued by Harmonia, but I think we know enough of it that Harmonia itself doesn't need to be shown. I'd very much like to see Hikusaak get destroyed somehow, and ideally Harmonia's collapse! But even there, I don't think you'd really need to focus on Harmonia itself for that to be the result. Harmonia works pretty well just in the background, and it's enough of a superpower that it's responsible for quite a lot of suikoIV plot even though that's all the way in the Island Nations.

    Just because this doesn't get said enough: fuck Harmonia.

    Is the music remixed suikoII music, is what I mean?

    I do not have any of the cards! http://www.legacyofsuikoden.com/gallery/index.php?/category/46 I do have a link to a site with quite a lot of the cards scanned. Not high quality scans, unfortunately, but good enough for icons.

    Yeah, I dunno either.
    Eh? It was Luc who got out of being raised as a Harmonian bishop. Fuck if I know which one dodged the bullet there; Luc might have gone completely fucking nuts but at least he's not, like, on Team Genocide. But yeah Luc and Sarah's ~souls~ go float over to say hi to Leknaat. Really the difference between them is mainly that Sasarai'd stab you in the back; Luc'd stab you in the front. But Sasarai is way more charismatic about it. Fucking Harmonia.

    I reaaaaaally hope Lazlo eventually got his goddamn beach house. I mean, he definitely did move back to the deserted island, and the damn thing's either Lazlo's Island or Chiepoo's Island depending who you ask, and he seemed to really want a goddamn beach house. His beach house has a bad ending devoted to it and everything. Dude saved the world and with the worst set of stars of destiny ever. He deserves that beach house.

    Continuing from III would be great particularly since the Chris ending (I've read the script for Hugo fc, but I played Chris fc because Hugo is boring and I think I may cry if I end up picking Geddoe fc, which I'll do whenever I'm less burnt out on III: I have a save right before picking your fc) makes it fairly clear that a Zexen/Grassland peace treaty isn't ... actually that likely .... Chris and Lucia are both kind of meh about the idea. And the beautiful thing about III is that there is all of this political manoeuvring going on, and does it get resolved? No. All three armies decide they're going to get along for five minutes to go kill four people. So it's like ... and then what.

    Somehow I suspect the 'then what' involves shit hitting the fan given that Harmonia now knows who has True Fire, Lightning, and Water, and True Wind is now unclaimed, and Sasarai now knows the only reason he exists is so Hikusaak has somewhere convenient to keep True Earth. So Sasarai's possibly redeemable, but I kind of doubt he wouldn't first report to Hikusaak (not least because if he doesn't, someone else will, and even if Sasarai sort of likes them a little, there is no way he's not politically savvy enough to make sure he's not the one under the bus) so. Bets on how long it'd take for the shit to hit the fan? It seems to take Harmonia a bit to start acting on their need to RECLAIM TRUE RUNES cough Higheast Rebellion cough cough everything Nash does every cough, but it's not as though Chris or Hugo or Geddoe are going anywhere. 8) And Geddoe's ending specifically states that it's Sasarai's fault he rejoined the Southern Frontier Defence Force. Bets that that's so Sasarai knows where to send his spies?

    Le Buque might rebel, but iirc they're probably going to get upgraded to second class citizens unless Sasarai changes his mind or gets bored or never had any intention on doing anything in the first place. So it'd take a while for them to figure out nothing's going to change (because of course nobody's going to tell them they have a cheesecake's chance in Georg's inventory), and Franz is kind of. completely and utterly optimistic. And now vaguely respected, thanks to Geddoe punching people in the face. Oh, and let's not forget Le Buque's odds if Sasarai wandered over to put down a rebellion. Yeah they're going to have GREAT odds against the best earth mage in the world. One little rockslide and bye bye, Le Buque. Not even fire-breathing cicadas will save you. Particularly not if Sasarai just smoothed out the cliff face.

    Also I don't get the impression the rest of the world gives a rat's ass about what happens to people in Harmonia. Harmonia is like the friendly smiling rabid weasel of the Suikoden world. All's well as long as Harmonia's not paying attention to you, and Harmonia's not going to pay attention to you unless you start paying attention to it. Or if you have a true rune. But how many people does that apply to, really? And given Annalee's terror in gaiden 1 at realising Nash is Harmonian (and given that he's blond, probably a first class citizen) and him recognising her accent, I sort of doubt Harmonian ex-pats want wherever they move to have anything to do with Harmonia, either. Harmonia'd probably have to, like, start sacrificing entire cities to the Beast Rune or something for anyone to give a shit. Wait, a Harmonian territory did that and Matilda and Tinto still didn't care.

    ... It's really a pity Luc failed to blow the damn place up.

    I was referring to the card game itself, but :B Youtube's not working for me right now, unfortunately. What's the gba version's music like?

    I can safely assure you that if you're bumping a thread that would then have an actual discussion, you would not be yelled at about it or anything. But go ahead and make an actual discussion thread! Just link me if you do.
    She raises Luc and Sarah! Who are sane enough that they go on a quest to kill themselves and ideally blow up Harmonia at the same time. And are incredibly codependent. She are gud parent.

    Maybe she also goes and has tea parties with Lazlo at his beach house.

    Aaah, I hadn't seen the Famitsu images yet!
    Gino looks like Duke, which hints Tierkreis-verse to me since a lot of Tierkreis characters closely resemble main series ones but main series ones tend to be distinct. Also I got the Tierkreis sequel impression just from the trailer, but yeah. I'm glad there's another game! But I prefer the main series world to the Tierkreis world. Maybe Viki is secretly a Wanderer or something. She and Hoputa are the same star of destiny!

    I don't actually want to see that much of Harmonia. I do think Luc had the right idea with BLOW THAT SHIT UP, but I don't think Harmonia itself needs to be shown. I'm more curious about Nagarea and Armes! There were a couple of Nagarea + Armes plot hooks in the end of suikoV, after all.

    Yeah, I know of Espeon's Odessa + Flik icon: I made it for him from a card scan. Fuck yeah, Suikoden Card Stories.

    Currently there are two GenSui-related threads! http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showthread.php?t=13360 and http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showthread.php?t=12322 If you post another, link me. :D
    Is it just me or is Leknaat's tendency to teleport into people's rooms in the middle of the night to pontificate about fate really kind of worrying?
    I spent, like, a year going by Schtolteheim Reinbach III a while back. :V And then a lot of people were also Schtolteheim Reinbach. I think H-land was Schtolteheim Reinbach II? And Clover was Schtolteheim Reinbach IV? Eevee was V, and there was a VI... Fuck yes, people who like Suikoden who I don't have to annoy into Suikodening!

    oh, if you're wondering, my usertitle is 'not if it's bitter' :) I don't know any of Viki's better lines in Japanese and I haven't paid enough attention to Suikogaiden to translate any of Viki's lines.
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