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Dark Tyranitar
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  • He was about 5'6'' tall and skinny with shaggy black hair. He generally wore all black. He wore a wristband on his right hand.
    'Scuse me sir.

    But can I ask you something?
    Could you tell me what exactly Tiervan's trainer looked like? I need to know for the comic thingy I'm doing.
    So I noticed. I can't do much now, though; my dad is monitoring me carefully. Somebody else will have to lead it.

    ((How on earth did it come back? It was buried deep in the mists of time.))
    Unless I find some way for the condition of my character to improve, than I probably will. Or unless you put some way to keep people from losing track like you were mentioning. The RSP is great, but there are too many junk characters already without me adding one more.
    hello DT. I'm sorry for showing no sympathy. I'm quite busy myself and we seem to be losing a lot lately from all of this posting. I plan on finding a way to keep people from losing track like a timeline on the first page. I dunno if it'll work but I'll try. Are you really leaving? =(
    He's at scout camp. Which reminds me, disregard everything about the Struggle for Power. Well, at least what I PM'd you about.
    You don't have the second most posts anymore! Are you okay? Are you jsut gone somewhere? =O
    There, I changed it to the Kiss logo. I actually just wanted to see how much I could annoy people in one day.
    I think it would be best to change it. As it is, I find myself trying to crop it off the screen, etc. when I post because it gives me a headache. But it's your avatar, do what you want with it.
    The reason why you weren't as active for a week doesn't affect my being more active than you. My average amount of posts per day is at the moment 33.39 higher than yours, and I have 1,269 more posts than you do.
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