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  • Now that you've removed it, I can't remember it XP

    But that was what made me recognise you on your new introduction thread.
    I'd never forget my very first friend on TCoD!

    Happy Christmas is what we say in my little La-la land. :3
    Hi, Dark_Pikachu! Yeah, I remember. :3 Nothing much is up, just that I got a Wii for Christmas. :D
    D: Whaaat. Wait, no. I am the only oddly colored non-shiny Pikachu around here, got it?!!
    Hi, Dark_Pikachu! It's me Goldumbreon just because I replied to your PM message and forgot to mention that detail.=3
    she is one of my friends and if you would please go to her profile(through my page) and look at her signature it says she is looking for Dark_Pikachu *most likely you*
    Well, its on You tube, here enter this"Kingdom Hearts" The ultimate Team-up compilation"
    Look for the one thats ten minutes long k?
    Oh.. ok yeh thats fine, hey its this funny joke I found on youtube, its when you know when Xemnas is saying that "its not gonna end here, not yet.", well there's a joke where sora, says different things in the game and so sora goes"Are you done rambling?" And Xemnas goes" Not yet, from the same scene, and so sora says "Are you gonna cry?" And Xemnas says it again, "Gimme a break":Sora "Not yet":Xemnas Than roxas comes in and says "Shut up!".........."Not yet!" Its kinda funny when you see it in you tube.
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