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  • You know those tabs on your profile that read "Visitor Messages/Friends/About Me/Infractions (possibly)? Well, I actually see you don't have one. But I have one; can you see it? But Negrek just hasn't given you one yet, ask her and she'll start looking for your records and give you a ASB CP.
    Haha! The time I was gone cuz of my internet. I remember Splices' Peril, and that's what my newest role-play is based off of x3 I've gotten better at RP's at least!
    Haha, mine is still Role-Playing! I'm currently running one too :3 Do you still like RP's?
    As far as I know, only Arylett's character and mine were going to take a boat in the Change RP... it was to get them to be able to interact.
    Whoa! First post in another's profile... :D

    I just don't get your avatar though... What's with the guy, and what's a homunculus? I liked your old one better (speaking of which, I want that image, can you give it to me?? :D)
    You see, I was about done with the post when I thought 'hey this is character control' and asked you. And then saved the post in the notey thing in my user cp.
    Me again. I tried to mention this in another thread before, but neither you nor your sister actually got your birthday gifts approved. Whenever you receive a pokémon, even if someone else paid for it and had to get it approved then, you have to get it approved so that it can be properly added to your team. Technically, you really can't use Spear in your battle with Magikarp. It's already started so it's probably okay to make an exception this once, but I would definitely go get your presents approved properly as soon as possible.
    (Oooh, maybe if I don't deny it she'll actually believe I'm a good spriter! =D)

    California, eh? Say hi to Swartzeneggar for me =]
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