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    hi im new here my name is katherine09 would you like to be my friend
    Hi. Just came to say that, in 2 days, you'll be halfway towards getting booted out of Virus and Vaccine due to the 2 week rule. Really, it's rude to sign up for an RP and then forget about it.
    Well I was wondering if it would be all right if I used some of your fakemon for my game? It would be great if I could, as I have no known fakes for Hokena yet. Also, I was thinking of Oran City being like the second or third town/city you come across, and I was thinking of Pineleaf Town as the starting town. Hm... Now for the first gym's city... probably going to be Steel Type... any suggestions?
    Hey! Do you want to design the towns for the Hokena region? I'd put it on the front post, credit you, put you on my design team AND you'd be a fightable character in a secret cave I'm making in my game. It would really help me out and I'd send you a special version of my game, featuring you! Think about it and PM me or leave me a comment with you're answer. Special deal, and I wouldn't ask just anyone. I thought of this concerning my rp, A Tale of Time.
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