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  • Ahh, okay then. From what I understand Mai's power was KO'd by snow for a while and she was trying to catch up? But yeah hopefully things will be smoother from now on.
    Ah, I noticed you picked up a round of Mai's battle. It's great that you're helping things move along, but I hope you contacted her to make sure it was okay beforehand?

    I was talking to Omski a few days ago and apparently he has a brutal work schedule. He's seeing how things measure up this weekend, but if he can't handle ASB on top of that then I think he'll post somewhere? But yeah, give him a few days.
    Such is the nature of ASB tourneys, I guess. Inevitably, at some point, a few battles lag behind and other people are left twiddling their thumbs :P
    reffing is just repeatedly bashing your head on the keyboard until you bleed
    it's amazing

    I had the calcs, but as usual, pain in actually the thing up... it's no big deal, though! thank you for sparing the battlers from one round of horrible prose

    we should be good from now on, though
    It's a beautiful thing, innit. Imagine when this tournament starts, like, progressing!
    Well there's the Jaboca berry that damages a Pokemon if the holder is hit by a physical move? That could be vaguely avocado-effect-inspired if Pluck was the only physical move ever.
    Oh, it's already been changed? Hmmmm... Now I'm not sure whether that means you get to override the previously established duration. Probably not, but.
    We may or may not want to fix that effect in the future, but for the intents and purposes of this battle, what's done's done. (that, and I wouldn't necessarily consider it such a huge tradeoff for 5% energy and moving at literally the lowest priority possible in a given action...)
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