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  • Ah, how did I miss that lol. I do play FEH, in fact, quite frequently. I suppose that means you do as well?
    ...I don't get this reference. Did I do something wrong with the reffing?

    oh i see lol. Yeah I probably am never gonna claim that, you can have it. Money means little to me anyway.
    good luck! I've been languishing on my latest run for like 2 months bc I can't be bothered to click haha
    holy cow I just hatched both Alolan Meowth and Alolan Geodude in one day

    I was so afraid I wouldn't even finish one hunt this month and then oops, two
    Oh, man, that sucks! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who has goofed their way to a mafia loss, though.
    I totally meant to say Vampire Hunter! Augh, I knew I should’ve double-checked >:(

    Thanks, though. I gave it a shot lmao.
    Yeah, there have been at least two separate discussions of it, but neither of them ended on a conclusive note. I thought it might be a good idea to put some pressure on actually getting the issue resolved. Planning to make a thread in Meta/bump the old thread in Meta in a little bit.
    Sure, but I think in that case it would always be more fun for whichever person's pokémon was actually in the ring (assuming you needed to go to the third). Also that means one person is getting the EXP benefit, while the other wasn't. It just seems to me like it would make the experience too uneven between the teammates.

    Yeah, the fact that the starter double battle has the same number of pokes in reserve as the final does remove the nice sense of progression and "things getting harder" that you get with the single mode. I hope the mega evos in the second round will make that battle seem more dangerous/difficult, but that remains to be seen! We also, uh. Kind of need to figure out how mega evos are going to work on the soon-ish.

    Yeah, I couldn't work out how to give a numbers advantage there that would work for a team battle. So the doubles mode is simply a harder option if you want to try it out. In my original draft, before I thought of the option of team battling, it was a 3vs2 doubles mode.

    Overall the initial starter battles are supposed to be relatively easy and appeal to newer players, while the legendary fights will be more difficult, so I thought giving a 2vs1 advantage would hopefully give a newbie a pretty good chance, even if they end up getting someone very experienced piloting the opponent.
    Mmm, I dunno, I think it's fine for operator error to be a thing? From a flavor perspective it doesn't make much sense for the pokémon to brain-fart and try to use an attack they don't actually know, but on the other hand what would be a fair and balanced way of circumventing that? They could auto-use struggle, but that wouldn't be much better than outright doing nothing, and on the other hand some rule like "uses most powerful damaging attack" or something could often end up making the fallback better than what they were supposed to have used in the first place, which doesn't seem cool, either. =/

    There is kind of the related issue that the difficulty of a quest battle is going to vary pretty widely based on the skill of the person who pilots the opposing pokémon. But I don't see any real way to solve that outside of setting some sort of requirements on who gets to be the pokémon, and it would be pretty shitty to tell anyone "sorry, you can't participate because you aren't good enough."
    Also, re: your quest battle, if you're fine with the base stat stuff, go ahead and command.
    I know that feel! I've only barely started to trim down my list that had filled up with SWSHs...
    Oh, neat! I'm still fighting with the framework more than I'm doing any actual implementation of anything, but I'll check it out.
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