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  • I proposed some effects/descriptions for the missing USUM abilities in the social group, if you wanted to take a look.
    Eh, sure, why not. Expect another round either later today or within the next couple of days.
    jsyk I really enjoyed reading the first round of the Squirtles vs sanderidge battle. It's great to see you reffing again!
    I can't decide which Vivillon form I want him to evolve into, haha! (It will probably be Ocean, Fancy, or Poke Ball... or Modern, or Marine, or Icy Snow, or Savanna...)
    Case five was my favorite; that twist, and yes, I love when the games make clever use of spirit channeling. The villain was a little obvious, but maaan, all of my Apollofeels about that entire bit. (It also managed to have both a twist-I-totally-didn't-see-coming-holy-shit and a twist-I-managed-to-guess-ahead-of-time-and-feel-really-smug-about, which is truly the best of both worlds.)

    I liked Dhurke a lot too! Dramatic rebel dad. And the blackmail situation. I wish there'd been more Maya, but... obviously very understandable reasons why not.

    I liked case three a lot too, and case one was one of my favorite first cases, and case two had a really fun case of me guessing a twist wayyyy ahead of time and getting to be extremely smug about it while Shadey was one big question mark. All in all it was a good.
    My game should be over pretty quick considering there are two mafia kills a night and only 10 players, so yours could run concurrently :o
    Teehee! Her name was originally going to be Dragonfyre Miracles Still Happen, but that was too long.
    Haha, yes, there's always ref error to watch out for... And unfortunate the first battle was never finished. Ah, ASB.
    Thanks for the gift! Sticky barb is a cool item... Going back and buying items this season reminded me of how many of them have kind of strange and interesting effects. I want to try this one out!
    thank you for the not-luvdisc! >:D (although, i'm curious. where did its name even come from.)

    have a good year master eif!!
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