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  • you work west of UofT?? in any case it's only like. a 10 min streetcar ride from whichever subway station, so that's not too bad right

    but like... 5 real we should meet up there and climb high things. and jump off of them
    yessss but I have a small friend group already in the midst of arranging an intro lesson :[ so we'd have to test it out for the first time separately but?? I think this might be cheaper/more convenient timing than the UofT lessons if you actually wanna Go
    I had, in fact, missed your edit. But I see, and might I add that you're already doing a great job at mentoring because I'm significantly less (though still highly) nervous than I was before. Zhorken gave me ref permissions already so here goes nothing!
    Oh, fantastic. I'll go ahead and put up the thread whenever you're ready, then.
    Wait, you can't put strikethroughs?

    (!!!!!! I hope you're happy with my sacrifice of this Rare Candy, RNG gods)
    P.S. Seriously, you are a lifesaver running around checking everything. You are magical. What would we do without you?
    I Remember asking you about this at the time and you said no. Regardless, nothing lost. In fact, we got some more expensive for the price of your honour.

    #worth :p
    oh yeah also! speaking of doing backflips into foam pits, have you heard of this place. it's a really big indoor parkour gym omg they offer lessons and open gym days and stuff and I wanna check it out at some pointtttt
    the DRAGON wall wins again... although I guess maybe your coworker won? (oh man there's a foam pit... I would spend like 30 min just doing flips (read: attempting backflips) into the pit tbh)

    hahAHA NICE for about three years, I had the steel samurai ringtone too :O but then I changed it to some doctor who trash because I refuse to answer my phone except to make the obnoxious ringtone stop lol
    Ok, I knew that applied to stuff that would affect strategies, but I figured since there are so few ways to change how critical hits work (and none of them had been done in that battle) that it'd be better to update. But I see your point and will roll it back. :)
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