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  1. ESP


    The soundtrack was kinda random in a lot of places. Anyways, I loved the movie. Rorschach and the Comedian were great, which kind of balanced out Silk Spectre's terrible acting. Also
  2. ESP

    Trick Room Question

    Except trick room is already half over by the time you switch to snorlax/machamp and use curse.
  3. ESP

    Reliability of Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is okay. Really technical subjects are kinda unreliable (There was a mistake in the fundamental thermodynamic relation article that went unnoticed for quite some time), but generally, the articles are fine (albeit a little confusing sometimes). Learn to check sources and you should be...
  4. ESP

    If you were trapped in a completely plain room...

    Jerk off. Hey, no one's watching. (Then go to sleep, then eat food and drink water)
  5. ESP

    Favourite SPECIFIC Theme song?

    Robo. From Chrono Trigger. His theme song sounds almost EXACTLY like the rickroll. SEE!
  6. ESP

    Nonsensical, Contradictory and/or Stupid Things in Video Games

    Shooting a rocket at your feet makes you jump higher and totally doesn't kill you! (Every game where you can rocket jump). Oh, and in Civilization, spearmen can beat tanks with way more probability that they should have.
  7. ESP

    Obama's Inauguration

    I don't know. It's less confusing that way?
  8. ESP

    Obama's Inauguration

    Grover Cleveland served 2 nonconsecutive terms as president. So Obama is the 44th president, but the 43rd man to get sworn in.
  9. ESP

    You hear a phone ringing

    In theory, I would answer the phone and prank call whoever was on the other end. But in reality, I'd probably just freak out and run.
  10. ESP

    Obama's Inauguration

    Watched the inauguration in school. We had it on a projector in the auditorium. And one of my friends caught Obama making a mistake. There have only been 43 people to take the oath of office, not 44.
  11. ESP

    Games you really miss playing

    Pikmin 2. Me and my friends can't find it anywhere :(
  12. ESP

    What speed is your Internet?

    Why is everyone's upload section so small?
  13. ESP

    Guitar Hero controller: Whammy trouble - Help?

    Tying a rubber band to it is probably the easiest way to fix that problem.
  14. ESP

    Where did you get your avatar?

    I was bored, and decided to fool around with GIMP.
  15. ESP

    What's your allowance?

    I just bug my parents to buy me stuff. It works pretty well.