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Eta Carinae
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  • Yeah so I'm not really feeling up to reffing a lot right now, so I don't think I'm going to be able to pick up you vs. Grass King. Sorry :C
    wellllll I'd like to say that I'll pick your battles up again, but I still don't really have the energy for it tbh and I'd hate for your battles to drag any longer than they already have :I So yeah, you should probably look for e-refs, sorry.
    I really liked the sound of snow under the player character's feet in Sinnoh, walking up to Snowpoint City. Imagining that it was whispering that we could make it and did not have to fly back to Hearthome to heal up and get more super potions dangit made the route a lot more bearable. And Snover are like the trees there, so she reminded me of that place.

    tl;dr I like the idea of whispers and snow; Snover and its cry are both :3
    Oh yeah, it looks like you missed me asking you to create the tournament match in the database? I couldn't create it myself since I'm one of the participants.
    Hi, just checking if you'd like Lilycolo and I to get an e-ref or something for our battle? :o
    Huh. In my school, it's just the two highest ranked students who get to be valedictorian and salutatorian.

    Student of the year has more to do with clubs and other things; I've rarely seen both the valedictorian and the student of the year overlap in my school.
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