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  • well he always was an awesome person x3

    the client that i get to observe every friday has asperger's syndrome. He has trouble responding immediately to questions and statements and understanding what has been asked of him, often requiring clarification. He does not elaborate when asked a question, rather just responding with the "immediate" answer. (ex. "Did you have a good day today?" "Yes." rather than what most people would understand as "Did you have a good day today?" "Yes, I did this, this and this and it was awesome!") He has trouble understanding and following directions.

    However, when he and the therapist (who, an interesting twist, is Bryan's ex-girlfriend's mother x3 small world) were beating on some drums, she would ask him questions about his day and what he did in a rhythmic format, corresponding with the drum beat. He was able to respond quickly, accurately and with elaboration. But as soon as you took the drums away it was back to being slow to respond, failing to understand questions, and not elaborating. The difference was remarkable.

    It is things like this that can help people with mental or developmental disorders improve their ability to communicate with and function in the real world. It is also thought that music therapy can be used to treat Alzheimer's and some physical disabilities, and certainly issues like depression. It's a pretty awesome field of study.
    bryan daniels, he's a trumpet player in the marching band. idr what he's majoring in

    IT'S AWESOME OK it's like. using music as a therapeutic tool to help people with mental or physical disorders
    nuu DDDD: i'm bored out of my minddddd here cause all my friends are in high school and my boyfriend works T_T

    i do know someone at clemson haha. he's a junior now though

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