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  • "And if the red chimera escapes, TAKE EVERY EFFORT...to feign ignorance and pretend nothing happened."

    Mother 3 is pure love. :D
    ASB is AMAZING. =D That's my opinion anyway, and although it can sometimes be too much waiting for too little payout, it's still fun. It can be pretty laid-back, too-- just get in one or two battles with a high time limit and check once a day for reffings. It's probably worth it just for the thrill you get when you see the ref has replied and you're anxious to find out the outcome of your orders. x3
    My sig? That's a picture of my 'sona (character, whatever), Zephyr, who's a Plusle/Articuno mix of sorts although she's really just become her own species. The other stuff is my Nanobar and a link to my ASB profile. =P
    Happy birthday and may your road to success be littered with the corpses of flattened possums. (I also do bar mitsvas) (I think I spelled mitsvas wrong)(speaking in parenthese is fun XD)
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