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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn g định là dám!

    - Tôi đã nói rồi, tất cả mọi người đều ký vào hiệp nghị giữ bí mật tuyệt đối, bao gồm cả tôi ở trong đó nữa. Hơn nữa tôi cũng không phải là thuộc cấp trực tiếp của Sư Đoàn trưởng. Dựa theo sự dạy bảo từ trước đến giờ của Sư Đoàn trưởng, tôi không có khả năng hướng về phía hắn ta mà tiến hành báo cáo vượt cấp được!

    Hùng Lâm Tuyền mạnh tay ném xuống cái tàn thuốc đã cháy gần hết trong tay mình, mở miệng trào phúng nói:

    - Cái dạng người như thế nào sẽ huấn luyện ra loại binh lính như thế ấy. Cũng không biết rằng Đỗ Thiếu Khanh có bao giờ hối h
    ...No. D:

    I may wait until they're in a good mood, though. My mom's having back spasm's and I dunno about my dad, so.
    Yes, but I'm still not going to give them away

    I'll ask my parents later if I can give that stuff away
    Well, I tried to get an account on there. It asked me for my phone number, address, and a lot of other personal stuff I just don't feel comfortable giving out, especially at my age. What other sites do you recommend?
    How much is that in USD? xP

    As for the layout, I was thinking something like yours- that bar at the side with a list of all the categories and contents.
    None whatsoever. I've tried before with various sites that do all the work for you, but those are annoying. As for the hosting, what do you use for it?
    That's my dilemma. I tried editing one of Butterfree's free layouts, and nothing happened. It remained as HTML code. :I If you don't want to help after that, I understand though. xP
    Hey. :) I'm the one who contacted you on formspring about the website. I'd happily link back to you and your site if you helped me.
    Well, I have a hard cell-shaded pic in the thread- soft would be like the feraligatr and others with no really defined edges for the shading.
    Hmm, they are all pretty good. Who made them? I think you should offer all of them possibly? But could you change his expressions, it gets a bit monotonous and repetitive after a while. And what do you mean "bring in the words..."?
    I just thought I'd tell you that I imported a video into Flash successfully, but there were some problems. The audio and video don't sync up properly, it's fine at the start but after about 30 seconds there is about a 5 second delay. I'm trying to sync this video up properly before I start the project. Also the video needs to be in the format 'FLV' for it to work in Flash. Also, I need a list of memes we're going to include in the project, but I guess we can work that out at school, or something.
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