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  • Hi Gevaisa! As you may have noticed, Arylett posted in the Absence Sheet that she's going to be away for a long while. I was wondering if you wanted to reopen your challenge with her or just remove it from the Challenge Board entirely?
    where is Mai ?

    how long should i wait before posting orders ?

    i'm just wondering if mai forgot about this battle
    Oh, no, that's completely reasonable. I'm sorry it took this long - I had /commands/ ready fairly quickly, but ref evaluation not so much... especially since my home internet's been knocked out since Sunday night. (Oklahoma does not take well to snow.) Phone posting is a long, painful process >_>;;;
    "(How would a test battle ending in DQ even work? There doesn't seem to be any protocol for the rewards, at least.)"

    Typical DQ procedure is normal prize for the winner and referee, no prize for the disqualified person. Since the specified prizes were $20 to the winner, $10 to the loser, and $15 to the ref, we can assume res just wouldn't get any money. (Not that it would be using it, anyway.)

    Though, since it didn't give you the okay/approve you before it left, you'd have to do another test battle.

    Since res left ASB (and all the pokemon in its active squad ended up with me, haha), I'm taking over your test battle. I'll try to have your evaluation and my commands done as soon as possible! Sorry that it had to leave in the middle of the match, but I'll do the best I can to pick up where it left off.
    ... oh wait. if you interpreted that as annoyance on my part, sorry, I'm not actually.

    and anyway it would be about as hypocritical as I could get to start complaining about other people being bad at expressing themselves.
    no I'm just being really amused by the fact that since steel is immune to poison

    evidently none of them metal-acid reactions

    this has implications for their materials y/y
    I think res/1. Luftballon was actually considering using its rotom at one point. That would've been horribly ambiguous, I'm sure... and also glorious.
    "Zekrom_B0lt tapped the button on one of its pokeballs, (which was in rather unattractive pastel colors, as rental things are wont to be,) and held it out in front of him."

    (emphasis mine) You switch pronouns midsentence here, but Zekrom's an it, not a he!
    so I have, like, no idea how to read that name. that is how I would have intuitively pronounced it but it is also true that my intuition for mapping orthography to sounds is very strange.

    I hear you scored better than the answer key, though :33 congratulations at that, eh?
    Yep, I got it. Sorry; there are half a dozen ref quizzes sitting in my inbox and I've been swamped with various other ASB work and haven't gotten to grading them yet.
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