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  • A shout box. Nice. Also, i noticed my pre-2017 posts seem gone now....so i think i can still use this account :P
    How strange. I wasn't expecting anyone to come to my page.

    Ha ha, all right. I will accept your request on this old desolate place.

    You have piqued my curiosity, but I guess you don't seem to want to say. Well, Chikorita is still awesome.
    Hi Jirachu! I hope you see this message. xD It's fun to be on this forum again. Even if it isn't very active. :P
    Soooo if anyone is around to talk seriously just message me lol and don't worry i won't chew your ears off about korrina too much :P Hopefully....aha.....
    I hope serebii's will work well again soon. I miss that place.

    On the plus side, i guess i have more time to play hours of pokemon y today if i want XD Or some other video games. And i can still look at korrina images or watch the pokemon anime more too^^
    ohhh, that
    yeah, i was joking with the interest thing
    i have a relatively normal view of myself. don't really hate myself. just couldn't think of something
    matter of fact, i just thought of an actual thing to put there, instead of just filler.
    well i mean
    it's just really a tank top and some basketball shorts that she sleeps in, not necessarily pajamas.

    Also, do you find anything... not cute?
    Like, you called an image of a small, naked child holding the emaciated corpse of his beloved pet, while surrounded by untold abominations and demons cute.
    srsly wtf
    My one tip would be to work on first impressions. Show the different aspects of your personality early on, but still gradually.

    I'm an idiot because I complain and don't do much. You're an idiot for jumping to conclusions and getting offended. Finchwidget is an idiot for not being serious enough. KFF is an idiot for not sticking with one thing long enough. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Everyone has at least one distinct flaw; I happen to point them out very quickly.
    You seem to be constantly happy even though you're clearly not; and your character is reminiscient of that one happy comic relief character that's just in the media for that purpose and doesn't progress or contribute to the story much at all.
    No offense.
    That's just the picture that's been painted in my head from my collective hour of speaking to you.
    It'll more than likely change as I get to know you better.

    My world view is that everyone's an idiot in their own way. Like for instance, elections.
    I have no filter. I point stuff out that nobody else would dare to.
    So there's this one girl who always threatens to fight people in my grade and I constantly annoy her just to show that she's a fake little piece of trash that should stop threatening people and start to learn how to treat people with respect if she wants any to be returned to her at all.
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