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  • It is, but it's literally the worst state ever to be in unless you make a six figure income :P

    Pfft, I just need to be even harder. That'll solve everything

    It's nice :)
    I'm moving a few miles to a different town, in Mt.Tremper, New York.

    I'm still not that hard on me lol.

    Uhh, sure lol.
    I actually imagined him more like Gamzee rather than the Condesce. You could merge both elements: his insanity with her... Nicki Minajness.

    I've really fallen behind on NaNoWriMo. I'm kind of disappointed.

    Are you a Percy Jackson fan? I don't remember.
    It's okay, at least you're trying :P And I sort of can't skip meals at the moment anyway because of moving :P

    I am not lol, and yay :)

    I do :)
    Well, I mean eating at all. I'm sort of resenting it : /

    Blah, I'm just hard enough on myself :P And maybe I will show you something in the future :)
    You mean
    I don't know if you've gone on tumblr recently, but I just reblogged a thing that said if homestuck was a book, it would be the longest in the English language.
    I know what you meant. I'm still kind of iffy about food at this moment.

    I know, I'm just being hypocritical.
    Thanks lol. And it most certainly within reach for me, it's not to hard lol.

    Because they're garbaaaaaaaage!
    Thanks. And I don;t know, I just wish I was thinner.

    More or less lol. And I made them myself :P
    Umm . .. I think? I just feel ashamed every time I eat.

    And Kaiju means giant monster :P
    Sorry. I've been kind of relapsing a little recently.

    Yeah lol. And I drew weird monster kaiju things. Usually with pastel.
    It's also an anime ^^ I have yet to play the games which makes me really sad

    also omg how far have you gotten and how heartbroken are you on a scale of 1 to 'i fucking hate books'
    I'm sure I've done something, so sorry :P

    Aww, that sucks. My college has really good scanners, but I left before I could really take advantage of them :P
    I know. Sorry, I'm in no position to tell you what to do with your art.

    Ah, that's nice :) I really like the colours :)
    Because they were either in poor condition or crap :P

    So you have a clear rough draft on what you need to improve upon
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