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  • also i'm giggling a lot at "chello" because that's one of my nicknames. like i saw it and just went "pffffffffffft" for about five minutes
    wait which thread? it refuses to load for whatever reason

    I'm gonna PM it to you. I've yet to start work on it, but PM'ing is much better; that way, I can directly work on the thing without having to copy, paste, and redo all the color formatting.
    I liked a few classes in my schooling experience, and I liked my friends obviously, but honestly, those are days I do not want to repeat lol.

    Yeah :) It's not exactly easy, like, I have to stop every now and then and remind myself it's not my fault, but I think I'm getting a little better :)
    Well, I wrote a message about 6 hours ago but apparently the server ate it.

    I found biology very interesting; of course, this was because of the teacher. World history is always interesting; the teacher there was fun, too, and I have an unabashed love of history. I hope you get to enjoy it, though, even under the present circumstances, and I wish you an amazing school year. ^^

    Forensics auditions consisted of 1) telling the club president (who's a friend of mine) what category you're interested in (oratory [my pick], drama, or comedy), and receiving a piece corresponding to that category. Afterwards, he'll point out each paragraph and tell you that you must interpret one of them (we could read off the papers). Hopefully, the people who made the cut will be announced either tomorrow or Friday.

    What do you mean 'places'? As in different places? And how would clubs work when you're homeschooled?
    pffffffffffffffft that would be hilarious

    i'm a baby in the sense that everyone's turning twenty-one and i'm here all "yeaaaaaaaah i was nineteen until like two days ago"
    aaaaaaaaah you're too kind

    pffft i told everyone i was a baby today cause i'm not 21 yet *shRUG*
    I do like Rosalina. There's so many unanswered questions. She's almost the goddess of the Mario universe.
    Nintendo seem to like her as well what with making her a Smash Bros character.

    I find it funny how the newer the Mario character is, the more of an actual character they have
    Dissections are actually what I'm looking forward to, haha.

    Really? Can I hear this story?
    Can't say I blame you lol. Me and school never mixed.

    Umm, I'm actually a lot better lol :) I stopped blaming myself recently, and it has helped a lot :)
    Is Dazel a corruption of Zelda?

    Why is it so bad? :( Is there no class you enjoy?

    I auditioned for Forensics today (basically oratory in English); it went pretty well. Tomorrow another group of people audition, and we know the results on Wednesday, God willing. I'm really excited for clubs this year; clubs are what keep me sane. Those and this forum.
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