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  • not manually, I mean something like, in the footer, have a snippet of probably php to stat the "content" file and determine its last-modified date. (... php is also ew terrible disgusting actually, though, admittedly.) javascript from the client side just Won't Work because the information you want (when the file was updated) doesn't usually even get sent, so you can't do anything with it.

    wrt hosting, instead free web hosting, I'd spring for a shell account and run a site off that. there are a few okay free ones; they're a lot harder to find than web hosts and admittedly you might kind of need to be a Wizard, though.
    x10, hm? well it's a php thing so uh I guess in principle you could send a last-modified header based on stat on the file itself. offhand I'd imagine you could write it as a function in an included file, and call the function passing in the current filename as a parameter.

    the risk involved though is that in the absence of other caching-related headers browsers are likely to use last-modified to guess whether the page needs reloading.

    but more likely what you want to do is to tell humans when the content of the page last changed, and in that case last modified is not what you want at all and it's better if you don't mess with it. just figure out what it is on the server side and put it in the content.

    ... I have to admit, most free hosting is kind of such a terrible nuisance that I haven't wanted to deal with in a really long time.
    13:27 < Sardonic-Nova> en - Timestamping.
    13:27 < Sardonic-Nova> "Page last modified on:"

    missed you in the channel but that only works if your server is actually properly delivering the last-modified header. this is only sometimes/usually true for static files, and generally if there's much server-side action going on you're basically sol unless you either funk about with the server config or you deliver the header yourself.
    No, I'm taking Chemistry this year. After that, I take Physics, and then in senior year I can pick like five different sciences.
    Could you tell me what Pokemon I got in Pal Park? School's tightening its grip around forums; I can't access Serebii or an ACNL forum I registered in recently.
    Math, model UN, Broadcast Journalism, Theatre, Forensics, leader in one of the school's youth groups, Biology, and chess.
    I'm feeling the beginning of the stress, too, haha. I signed up for a bunch of clubs, and I have a bunch of responsibilities... Not even a week of classes has passed and I'm smushed under all the work already. :P
    I was wondering if you still played new leaf. I just got back into it after a year of not playing, and I was decorating my house with the Sci Fi theme (ctrl+f to SF Theme). Do you have any of these? I'm willing to trade items or just plain buy it from you.
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