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  • No, actually! We've just moved to the wiki. I made a new one, the link is here. Feel free to check it out!
    Kyntelle! We've all missed you!

    It's a great concept, and the sprite is pretty good. All I can pick at it about is perhaps more shading on the head/body, specifically between the legs. Also, maybe a darker shade of grey just for the very dark areas of the sprite.
    I know, don't worry about those. They're bad anyway, I'm just going to redo them.
    It's meant to look like Pikachu? Personally, I think the sprite turned out fabulous. Keep up the good work!
    ETA: Maybe make it longer?
    Alright, I'll try harder on that. Thanks for your partnership, I feel like this will work out for the best.
    Cool stuff!

    Oh, and don't feel like it's all on you. I can help as well, so it should be a pretty fifty-fifty thing. Thank you, and good luck! I'll send you an invite to the group.
    Okay. I actually have an entire story and crap, but almost every concept I have exists only in conversation between me and my partner Raven, so it's hard to put on paper.
    There's always the Fieldbook, though. It's on the thread.

    I scrapped Rose, by the way.
    I do, actually! It'll be a while, I have to scan them up, and then turn them into something actually usable as a reference. My current ones were literally concepts and they're terrible drawings. Not to mention I've grown as an artist tremendously since.
    Oi. Here comes the part that makes most people decline.

    For the time being, I think there's eighty or ninety Pokèmon.

    But we're in no rush, so I don't really care how long it takes. I have six years.
    Would you like to sprite for our game in progress? I can do Trainer sprites, but no one working on the project is a good Pokèmon spriter.
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