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Lady Grimdour
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  • i dunno you acted like one? plus i was pretty sure your profile said male at mh before. WELL W/E
    wait you're a girl? all these years i thought you were a dude. unless you just prefer being called she then nm
    OOH OOH.


    With opaltiger in tow, no less! Are you gonna be there? We're meeting up with Kai and some people at some point, so if you are, PM me your number and we should meet up! :D
    Hey there! Been a while since we last 'chatted'. Just decided to come and say hi, and share my happines with someone.

    Why I am happy? Because I can finally sleep properly. In other words: I don't fall asleep in school anymore, which is really good for me.

    Anyway, what I wanted to ask if you quit pokemon(I doubt you didn't).
    Hi! Do you still have a fever? I hope not.

    P.S. If it makes you happy to know you're not the only one in bad moo,d i was grounded alst week. for a week.
    Well, it doesn't matter since i have only noe friend, but nevermind.
    You survivng at school? I guess I do, although hardly.
    Oh yeah. I was about to mention the exact place and then thought, uh, maybe not, cause then it'd be public.. x3 But yeah. I get hyper finding people in the same place as me online, 'cause I don't have any, or hardly any, friends in reality. :< And I'd love to have some.
    Zomgz, just saw on the TCoD location project thingy that you live in Cardiff. Snap. o.o
    Hi! How's the mood today?

    Im in top mood. I've just got a short holiday, and I visited my friend 3 days ago. That was fun! And we palyed a lot of SSBB. Now I know i like it. How's it going for you?
    Hello. How's it going now?

    Im gonna post my mood by copy-paste, Although I can and will tell you that my mood is now even worse than before because my father is back and doesnt quit saying im useless, somewhat like your mother does.

    Dad is in italia till tomorrow, I've got three little monsters to take care of(my brothers and sister), a horde of crazed homework to kill, a cat to feed, a hungry myself to feed, and I have to find a way to finally sleep. I go to sleep at 10 Pm, but find out im still awake at 1 AM in the morning. I've tried to drink tea, but that doesnt really help, I've tried some healthy ecaliptus 'scents', small bottles usually used with lanterns, but Nwm, but that only made me choke, I've got to tell my mother a billion times that she needs to shake me violently to make me wake up, and not just whisper 'psst, >Twiggy for victory<, wake up!", and i oughta go to school at 8 AM, having 15 minutes. Anyway, she usually wakes me up at 7 Am, but today she didnt use the right 'tactic', so I woke up at 7:48, with 5 minutes to put my clothes on, 5 minutes to shout around like a psycho and the rest of the time to manage to lock that fucking door with that fucking key that's not even worth 1 yen. Anway, no sane human, or one with steel nerves(and my iron ones didnt survive it), would survive this without:
    1) losing sanity.
    2) Make an Amok-run.
    3) Shout around like a psycho.

    Anyway, now my only way to calm down is see Tv, play PSOA(poke-shadowz-of-almia),
    And play with my cat. Also, another effective way of calming down is drinking some hot choko(or how it'S called- and hey, im just 12, did you expect me to drink COFFE?*blargh*).
    Two details: this was posted yesterday, and now that my dad is back its even worse.
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