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Lady Grimdour
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  • Oh well. No wonder you looked liek a dick in that picture of yours.
    (muhahahahaha) So in other words you have no time to get online, huh?
    HEY YOU!
    Can you trade now?
    Is there a chance yer has a Salac or Liechi berry and want a charmander bred with bellydrum/flamethrower(not both though)?
    Fresh Treecko?
    Ummm......Bagon with dig, dragon claw and rush?
    Fair enough. Im kinda busy today, too, plus im a little sick.

    Well, VM me whebn you can trade.
    Side note: I will soon have charamnders able to use flamethrower and belly drum.
    Hello grim! How about a charmander, freshly bred, for a damage halving berry(on a random pokemon)?
    The berry should be preferably the one halving dragon damage. However, I'd like to know if you have any of the (in battle) stat boosting berries. Err, could you put an adamant nature pokemon in your team if we trade?
    Just tell me which pokemon it is.
    I am so excited about HG/SS~ I'm gonna have to restrain myself from buying the Japanese version as soon as it comes out ("So what if I can't speak it? It's SoulSilver!"), so I'll just have to amuse myself with Platinum till the time comes :)

    Are you getting any EMA at sixth form? If you qualify for a big amount, I wouldn't even bother working; few jobs a student could get would pay more than £30 a week anyways. I had no problem balancing paid-work and schoolwork during sixth form, but this was probably because I only worked four hours every Saturday. I'd get a weekend (preferably just a Saturday) job rather than an evening one; after a full day of school, a few hours of working at Subway or whatever and then coming home to do whatever coursework you've been set, you'll just burn out. Days should be longer X3
    Where are you thinking of working?
    I am! It's lovely to be missed, I'll admit :) I've just been sans internet recently, mostly because I've been places other than home, but... it's mostly laziness, who am I kidding?
    How've you been? Did I miss much? :3
    I'd like to tell you that because there are lots of tests I have to do lately I wont be able ot get you a charmander/treecko in the next days. However, I might be in luck and be able to get them later today. I'll VM you Once Im ready.

    P.S. Could you being, if you can, in addition to your offer, whichever it would be, an adamant nature pokemon?
    (Not to trade it, though)
    Hm-Mudkip is the only starter from the 3rd generation I cant get.
    I have full access to kanto and sinnoh starters, and treecko/torchic.
    Well, my best offers are a charamander/bulbasaur(us rex)/treecko/torchic.

    I can prepare you a charmander if thats what you want- just tell.

    And, do you seriously mean it with the Uxie?
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