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  • Oh wow, that's a quite bit then. I've actually been a member here since late 2005, but had lurked for about a year beforehand, I think. And I think most everyone is a bit a of a n00b when they start out, so nothing to be ashamed of. And glad you're enjoying yourself! :D!

    Haven't touched the forum games in a while, but I wouldn't mind. :D! And that's a bit late to start one isn't? I'm just finishing buying gifts for friends, myself.
    Oh sure! I mean as much of a friend you can be after a few sentences. But, I'm game.

    So what brings you here? :D!
    That's good. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised.

    Thanks! A lot of it's an on-going thing, though.

    I finished this today! It's enamel (glass, basically) on copper. :3

    eh fair. idk for me it takes a while longer.

    which scootaloo episode? i've only seen like the first 30 episodes
    we kinda realized that friends are people you have stuff in common with :/

    alright, well if you come up with any topics, let me know :p
    I saw. I'd been wondering about how you've been doing.

    I've been sick a lot, but I'm mostly fine. College is college. I'm mostly taking art classes at the moment.

    How have you been?
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