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  • it sucks that i can only go to the library to go on here but your welcome!:)
    i know, i wanted to clarify >3<

    is your sister like your avatar but shiny palkia colored? xD;
    I just wanted to rub it in your face that you've been trying more then 800 times and I got it on my second try xD
    I was playing a Crystal emulator last night and I walked through some trees into the tower with the beasts in it and I fought Suicune. I wasn't ready so I reset and did it again.

    The Suicune was shiny. xD
    Ah, yeah, I had a feeling it wasn't a coincidence.. You're lucky, I just have this little sister who is no fun to do anything with :P
    ...Are you related to Darksong? Because I thinkyou guys are in the same place xD
    Mh, not much, just some sprites and a few RPs.. I think I was in the Splices Whatever one with you ^^

    So what's new?
    Hey, what's up? Just checking back in to see if any of my old friends remembered me. =]
    I know. xP I was shiny hunting for a shiny Caterpie last month and I looked at the 'Daycare Offspring' page and saw someone else had hatched one. And they thanked someone else too. That demotivated me.
    So how is your shiny Suicune hunt going? x3; Considering my first real internet alias was Shining Suicune, I'm obsessed. x3
    Also, Bit confused on this part. in that sentance you sound as if you are refering to me. But I'm not a chimera. Or am I getting confused? :s
    "Cryptica scowled, remembering her dream where she had pinned the chimera down and then proceeded to act no less like an overexcited dog. "

    Two things. One: I love you so much for this post xD

    Two: By that do you mean licking or humping? not that i would really mind either... -cough-
    Just informing you that I lost connection with the site (and many others, mostly forums) the past week, and I will get back to reffing as soon as possible.
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