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  • Mewtwo-the true God of pokemon. Anyways, you have a nice avy did you make it yourself?
    Really thanks. If you really like it I could make you a avatar someday if you like. Just PM me.
    Also your avy isn't bad either.
    no,i googled it:sweatdrop:but thanks for the comment and i like your avvie ^.^
    Hello, and yes Mewtwo owns. Did you draw your Profile picture? If so it's beautiful.
    :grin:Finally,a message!
    oh and i'm sure a lot of people will read this,so friend requests:wide open!
    Oh, er, hello. Nice to meet you.

    I got Togetic in the quiz, too... eh. I suppose Togetic's okay - I was overly excited when my LG Togepi finally evolved - but something like Scyther or Butterfree sounds cooler.
    Mewtwo is awesome, though. His character in the first movie is great :D
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