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  • Nah, there's nothing I need. Whatever is fine!

    Kitty Traps are just a type of monster from an old game called Lost Kingdoms. They're... really not much like stunfisk at all—they're some kinda weird wizard cat that throws fire—but they explode if an enemy goes near them once they're set, and I guess I equated that to stunfisk shocking you when you step on it while I was floundering for a name.
    I can trade you a clone of the fisk, if you like! Just let me know if you want a certain name (right now it's "Kitty Trap").
    Haha, no, sorry. Also always nice to have, but I probably ought to see whether I can organize all my crap with the twenty I have first. :/
    Hm. Possibly! I don't generally do a ton of longhand writing or anything, but it does happen every once in a while, and otherwise it's nice to have notebooks around for occasional actual notetaking. Why do you ask?
    nooooo lizards. :( rip. maybe i'll ask butterfree later

    i will go searching for my own shit tho lmao
    Yeah, compared to northern US, a regular winter day in Brazil is still going to feel like going into an oven. Even Campos de Jordão is probably just going to seem like mild weather to you, although I usually feel like I'm freezing to the bone when I'm there.

    (It's not so good it's even better than dulce de leche -- because perish the thought -- but, if it doesn't make you want a truckload once you try it out, I'll have to send you to whichever kind of doctor deals with people who lost sensation in their tongues.)
    If they were still open for business as of last year I'd wager they didn't close up after all, but yeah, I'd keep an eye.

    You've already got Jack for that, I guess. And yeah, if you're in Campos de Jordão for the chocolate, you're definitely in there for the right reasons. And, well, most places in the country are just hot and rainy year-round, but if you're thinking of beaches specifically: northeastern beaches are very rainy in autumn and winter months (Southern Hemisphere autumn and winter, so, March to September), and they're least rainy from October to December; southeastern beaches, on the other hand, get the worst of rainfall in the summer months (which has led many hilariously ill-advised summer trips to the path of sheer ruin) -- it might seem strange going to beach in the winter, but I've been a couple times, and it actually works since the weather's not much colder unless you happen to run into a cold front and there's much less rain and crowds to contend with. And speaking of crowds, I guess all I can really say about them is, if there's a southeastern beach that everyone's talking about in a given year, avoid that beach like it's the plague. And also, a lot of people here like to go the beach for New Year's Eve, so, unless you're interested in seeing the festivities/unmentionable chaos, save yourself. Oh, and, mentioning the festivities reminds me, if you're any interested in the Carnaval, it's usually happening sometime in February or March -- and also, it's not really my cup of tea, so I don't have much more information about it.

    (No, that's an awful idea. If all your luggage is full of dulce de leche, where would you pack the brigadeiro?)
    Yeah, that makes sense (assuming the save file is easily transferable, at least). I'm not convinced my reflexes are better than yours, but I think we at least have slightly different strengths, so it'd help to be able to switch (plus the general ability to take a break; hopefully you can get some NaNoing done while I hack away at Undyne). I've added you on Skype; feel free to poke me when you're available if I'm online.

    I quite enjoyed the 60 Minutes thing, yes (and the overtime extras)! A lot of show footage I hadn't already seen, a lot of Lin-Manuel Miranda being adorkable, and some neat behind-the-scenes action. I'm impressed they actually print different papers for all the different random papers that are used onstage; I doubt the audience ever gets a good look at half of them. Because Broadway, I guess!

    Clearly you should do what I did and just read through the entire lyrics sheet.
    That is actually rather tempting, since it will probably be ages before I get there with Shadey and elyvorg. You're still stuck on Undyne the Undying, I take it? What's your Skype username?

    I was literally just about to watch that, ahaha.
    Machu Picchu is very interesting, but I vaguely recall talk of it potentially being closed to tourists in the near future -- I mean, this was two years ago by now, so if it hasn't happened yet it may not be happening at all, but still, I'd keep a close eye on whether it can be visited by the time you're in the area (and, of course, if you do make it there, don't be the kind of tourist that makes people want to close the place. even if it goes entirely against everything someone coming out of Asber believes in).

    I don't know a whole lot about Amazon Forest tourism (despite being in the actual country), so I guess I'd just say to make sure you're not going into the wilderness without a guide. That, and, for most places in South America, the litany of advice you've already been given on dealing with tropical weather applies (as well as Ether's Bane's advice on not being mugged in the third world, which should be handy out here since this region happens to be the world champion in urban violence).

    As for recommendations... I'm not much of a tour guide, but I'll rattle off some that come to mind. While you're around the Amazon, you might want to stop by Manaus -- they have a tax-free zone that you might enjoy shopping in. Brasília has some cool architecture. Campos de Jordão also has some cool architecture, as well as colder weather than most of Brazil (which you might welcome if you're not fond of heat) and, most importantly, people selling chocolate pretty much every fourth building. We have nice beaches, although, depending on where and when you go, you may be facing extreme crowds, pollution, and rainy seasons. The northeastern beach cities will also usually have some interesting historical locations. Outside of Brazil, Buenos Aires is definitely not half-bad, and I hear Bariloche has nice skiing spots.

    (this was definitely about the length of an actual thing that was worth bumping the thread with, but oh well!)

    (ETA: I've definitely had better churros at home than in the few times I've been to America, but there are definitely a lot of different ways to make a churro. and, in any case, a lot of desserts I'd rank higher in my list. it's definitely got nothing on an entire jar of dulce de leche, specially not if it's from Argentina or Minas Gerais.)
    So, I hear you're going on a world trip, and that you have a sweet tooth. While I didn't feel like bumping the thread for this, I have a few compelling arguments in favor of visiting South America. Arguments such as brigadeiro and dulce de leche and alfajor and churros and torta holandesa. (Some of those you can get outside of South America, but nonwhere nearly as good.)
    If by "real-life responsibilities" you mean "the vaguest shred of fiscal responsibility", then yes. :P

    Actually, it's kind of a shame. One of my potential plans next summer does involve being in the US, though not until August.
    I actually did stumble across The Origin of Storms by mistake when I was going to Serebii to look for things to please my short attention span after finishing Communication last night, and I read the whole thing. Interesting stuff!
    Sorry, I closed it because I assumed you weren't interested. But look on the bright side, you get 2 EXP just from pathos "borrowing" your Pokémon ;)
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