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  • Hey, (part of?) the gift and the postcard arrived today! I do actually already have a laminated mat, but it's just the one and it's probably only a matter of time before we start getting into multiple-map dungeons and whatnot, so I've been meaning to get myself another—this is perfect! Thank you! I (er, Mom, I guess) will keep an eye out for the other half.
    wah! I have to reply to the rest of your message, but re: absence thread post, what kind of job stuff are you doing? Good luck! :D
    Probably, but I'll have to fetch it tomorrow or so. No comp at the moment.
    Hm, I don't recall feeling like Case 3 went on too long, although maybe that's just because it seemed like it was to be expected due to all the jumping around. 2 might've dragged a little; don't really remember anymore, haha. But yeah, 4 was definitely great, as usual. And I forgot about Simon's impromptu arm rest! Haha, yeah, that one was also brilliant. My one true goal as a writer or something-approaching-a-game-developer is to be able to pull off all sorts of wonderful little pointless flourishes like that.

    Well, apparently they only just announced the rerelease, like, today (or, er, yesterday, it's 1 AM oops), so unless you were up watching the Nintendo Direct or checking the immediate fallout you wouldn't have heard yet, no. :P But yeah! Should definitely be interesting, and maybe there's hope for a sequel yet. Seems like approximately every video game and its dog is getting a Switch port these days, which presumably means continuations of those series on the Switch. Doesn't have any direct bearing on TWEWY itself, but it's nice to believe that it could mean the same thing there, too.

    (Do wonder how they're gonna manage the split-screen battle interface, hm. Mostly because I was objectively awful at even remembering I could control Neku's partner, let alone remembering how to do it because they all had different controls and I'm already busy trying to keep Neku from dying argleblarglerarg. Not my favorite mechanic in a video game, then, but seeing the characters and story again and all the new stuff on top would definitely be great!)
    Mmm, true. Haha, mega evolution hasn't been figured out yet? I guess the clock really is ticking now...
    You could have the battlers choose whose active squad the third Pokémon is going to come from when they send out at the beginning, maybe?

    I wanted to battle against SS and sanderidge for both battles in the Venusaur/Sceptile line, but the second battle would be sort of boring if they beat me in the first one and moved on because there isn't that much that changes, so I was thinking maybe I'll just hold back a bit the first time.
    Yeah, that's true. You could have a minimum requirement of battles won or something, but that doesn't necessarily correlate with skill and battles can take so long anyway that it could bar someone from participating for no good reason.

    By the way, I was wondering why at the basic level, the single battle challenges (2v1) are so much easier than the double battles (2v2)? Is it just because making the double battles 3v2 would make things weird with people tag teaming?
    Yeah, Prism's the one Nintendo shut down. I need to get around to looking at that one myself, heh. Last I heard the new devs have done some pretty cool stuff with it.

    I did have a hit of a ramble on Tumblr, but I guess you probably skipped over that because spoilers, haha. The short version is that I liked it a lot and I really appreciated the villain more than AAI1's but lbr the very best thing about it was still Knightley's neigh-objection at the beginning of the game. That was just. So ridiculous. I love tiny inconsequential ridiculous things. What'd you think of it?

    also pssst TWEWY is getting an HD rerelease with new stuff in it for Switch
    Do you have any thoughts on what opponents in quest battles should do if they're commanded to use a move they don't learn? It happened in my quest battle and Superbird did a weird focus thing, but now Blastoise is being commanded to use a move it doesn't know (Light Screen) and I'm not really seeing any sort of analogue there, and it would be kind of sad to have a badass quest foe just do nothing.
    I haven't played USUM yet but I'll have a look (I don't like, hardcore mind spoilers anyway).
    Incidentally, I was playing around with adding NPCs to the database, in case that interests you if you do end up implementing quest machinery yourself.
    Yeah, I saw! I've been busy the past few days, I'm gonna respond to ASB stuff later today or tomorrow.
    Hi Negrek! I just was wondering about your opinion on the way base stats are used in Keldeo's and my quest battle — mainly a Pokémon's max health being affected, and in 3/4 cases the bonuses and penalties not summing to zero. Neither of us has any particular problem with it, but I can imagine it possibly not being okay, so I just wanted to check now before we start thinking about commands, rather than finding out sometime later when you might stumble upon the thread.
    Hm, yeah, UM's been pretty similar overall, but I would say it's technically more interesting so far. Definitely wouldn't bother getting the original SM when these exist, but of course it's already too late for that, ahaha, ha... ha... I'm not actually quite finished with the main story yet (just the E4/champ to go, though), so I can't comment on Rainbow Rocket right now.

    Yeah, it's probably not worth bothering with Altair (or its companion version Sirius), honestly; all the same fakemon but Vega has more, hard-to-take-seriously rehash of Emerald's plot, grinding, etc.. I don't believe Vega's story requires knowledge of the prequels, and the translation patch download includes a summary anyway I think, so starting with the more polished game is probably fine! If you can stomach grinding/stock up on illicit rare candies, anyway.

    Hm, yeah, Essentials games would be a hassle, wouldn't they? Unfortunately I don't keep up with the hacking scene very much, so I don't have any more specific recommendations, but I'm sure there are plenty on PC or something that are worth a look!

    Also, wait, what? There's an AAI3? Man, I pay precisely *no* attention to that fandom considering I love the games so much. (That or my memory is super bad, considering I do follow Court-Records' Tumblr...) Must go searching, then!

    Hm... I think things have mostly settled down on the mail theft front, but the trouble is it'd be easier to be sure if I knew for a fact when to expect the package, like with tracking and such, so I'd know immediately if something went wrong. Like, we still get Amazon stuff delivered here, but they text you and all that. The other address is probably still best for now. Thank you!

    My holidays have been pretty good, yeah; I hope yours were, too! And I hope you found a decent cooking class as well, haha.
    This might be a silly question, but...how exactly do I check for Gifts? I looked in the "gifts" section of the ASBdb, but I didn't see anything there.
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