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Notoriously Unknown

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  • Blast from the past... man my heart is surging seeing all these old friends.. Hope you are doing okay.
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    Ở trên chiến trường cũng đã rất
    Simple lifestyle I see. x3
    Anything eventful happen to you in the past year i.e. since the last time we actually conversed? (Which, according to our conversation log, would be March of 2010- if you exclude that one message I sent on March 30, 2011)
    I'm fine, thank you. Not much going on in my life at the moment except work at a local grocery store and working on improving my proficiency in the French language. Oh yes, I am also done with college thankfully and am now eligible to enter university! Except I was late in paying the tuition fees (if any at all), so I'm not exactly in uni just yet. Besides, I find that it's for the better; everybody needs a break from studying for a little while at least.

    My slice of life aside, how are you? :3c
    I, for one, would like to chat again; I miss having conversations with ya, Nottie. Though where to begin is the question.... ^^;
    it's fine!

    oh man i've been wanting a 3DS lately but i'd probably use it only for OoT, the new smash bros game and the 3D pokedex. also any new pokemon games if they're exclusive on the 3DS (god help us) and the new mario games.

    drawings are nice. :3
    we love you too. more than you think. <:

    i'm good, just playing with my new transformer and training my team on white.
    Unless you're selling a knife.
    Draw more Pokémon with top hats :D And no, I'm not. Except a few weeks ago I doodled a Joltik. It's amazing how I made one of the cutest Pokémon ever look so hideous.
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