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  • I actually saw you online just this instant xD You have a bug safari~

    Name is Darrin in-game. Good to know you're a fellow breeder :3 Maybe we can nerd about it some time.
    If you see me online in-game, feel free to poke me with a "Nice!" or just drop a trade request.

    Yeah, I'm cool with just some random trade fodder, since I already have a pretty huge collection of stuff and a lot of 5IV/eggmoved pokes for shiny breeding (they should keep me busy for a while) :P

    EDIT: oh, what's your in-game name? It might be easier to spot you if I knew that :O
    Ah, cool. Just let me know when you're around to trade and I'll see if I can get online :P
    In fairness, I'm not necessarily sure it was that; the ref that was taking your match hasn't reffed anyone else recently either, so I'm sure she's just busy. She was probably working on a reffing, but note that it doesn't really take any effort to type in the results of a forfeiture. Given a little more time, she probably would've gotten you. I mean, think about how fast-paced turquoise is, lately.
    Oh, hey, I don't mind! No sense in putting energy into something you don't enjoy, right? Just curious whether you ended up busy, or if you didn't like it.
    Heh, yeah, I'm sure to check the page every time before making a move. It helps.

    Oh, don't worry about that. I've done that a million times, heh.
    Hmm... I didn't think of that. Plus I'm still stuck in the game mindset, so I had forgotten tutor and egg moves are allowed as well x3
    Well, I mean, there's STAB giga impact, hyper beam, hyper voice, take down, et cetera. They don't necessarily have to be special in ASB, seeing as all but a handful of refs basically ignore all stats except speed.
    Yeah, it does. Hopefully that'll be mitigated in the future thanks to the existence of an actual news page, suddenly.

    Snow warning is okay, but yeah, you need a team for it, and a lot of stuff gets hail anyway. Refrigerate would have been way better, and amaura's typing is just... awful. Especially in ASB, where basically everything has access to at least one steel or fighting move.
    Yeah, symbiosis isn't great. But protean is!

    Heh, I feel. For example, I wasted it on an amaura. To make matters worse, I didn't even give it refrigerate. ;n; By the way, did you buy a luvdisc?
    Even if they hadn't been, not enough pokémon even get those three moves for it to really be useful. Especially when there's already a type that cancels out the effects of both moves, if you're that paranoid about it. It's a bit more useful in ASB, though.

    You could have given your flabébé symbiosis, though! Didn't you push the ability slider?
    Lame. Damp is... almost literally useless. It's specific to the point of futility.

    Oh, maybe that was the Kalos gift thing. Did you redeem that free Kalos pokémon, speaking of?
    I suppose that's true! I could've sworn they got swift swim, though. Huh.

    Didn't the starter come with its hidden ability, though?
    Do you remember what was your previous username?

    I'm not doing that good. Valentine's weekend did a number on me. I really don't wanna discuss it (don't want to reopen that wound).
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